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  1. I downloaded zip serato full panel.zip - http://t.co/5zqWGaXNm4

  2. Something i did real quick a fee weeks back, Enjoy. http://t.co/X0w5mV0gpC

  3. I rode with @MapMyRide! Distance: 3.09mi, time: 29:39, pace: 9:35min/mi, speed: 6.26mi/h null http://t.co/OSJcb7vwlc

  4. My new sounds: Trapped in my Bassment at Sioux City, IA http://t.co/X0w5mV0gpC on #SoundCloud

  5. "@JonJubilee: time to get TURNT UP!!

  6. Sell the C4 and go with the VOXOA C60....... way better and no high pitched sounds..... What do you mean custom work to the software?? There is absolutely NO difference in the software that comes with the C4 or the C60, both are VDJ.....
  7. English bulldog white, brown n black markings. black spiked collar he has a scar on his left rear leg. call 712/587-6710 or 712/577-4743

  8. Put it at the largest number then keep decreasing it till you get the crackle. Then raise it back up a few numbers and you should be good to go.
  9. It's not a true stand alone mixer as advertised........ wish I would of known this also.
  10. Man I need a definition file for #VDJ so I can start mapping this bad boy out!!! #virtualdj #djproblemshttp://t.co/yqM2IoZKrk

  11. That's the problem, you shouldn't have to have the master volume setting at 4 o'clock to get any kind of volume. It was a great attempt by Stanton but this thing was built with cheap parts and it shows. I'm selling my and grabbing a VOXOA C60, which is has all the features plus a TRUE stand alone mixer. Plus the buzz I doubt will ever get fixed......... great unit but not PRO grade.......
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