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  1. you guys are all very helpful and appreciated, rock on
  2. i' m going to take a picture of it so that you're able to tell better, there is a division on it and the wood is lighter but i thought too dark to be maple, if it were mahogany body and cap it would be just one piece? not the body with the cap glued on it? anyway its a 2007 les paul studio
  3. how do i understand if i have a maple top or a mahogany one? the top looks lighter than the body but not as lights as maple, can some one shed some light? rock and roll
  4. still trying to find out more about this lp, i contacted gibson and they returned me the specs of that year's studio with that serial number , the pickups seem to match, for they have nothing writtem on them but only gibson usa engraved, but it says maple cap, and mine should ne a mahogany, judging by the color, it isnt light in color but towards the body color but a few shades lighter, and also they listed a ebony fingerboard, ive never seen an ebony one but this looks rosewood...i dont know
  5. i cant seem to find serial numbers, should i open the pick up? thanks again for all your help
  6. youve been very very helpful, and since im already taking advantage of your kindness, im going all in, i cant seem to understand what pickups i have mounted...no serials no codes or models, it just has gibson usa engraved on them, the ex owner put labels on them that read; super manico (super neck) and super ponte (im sure you can guess what it means...right super bridge) i will post pics when i take them out again... based on my research they should be 490s or 498s thanks again for all your help
  7. thanks for the quick reply, what about the wiring ? how does it look? im going to go take better pictures of the guitar
  8. i just bought a 2007 les paul studio, 017770517 is the serial number, im having doubts if its real or not, the truss rod has the nut on it, the cavities arent painted, the headboard angle seems right, but the potenziometer cavity has some sloppy wiring and the words neck and bridge have been written on them (in italian) here are the picture http://www.freefilehosting.net/nuovowinrararchive_1 i hope someone can help me...is there a surefire way to understand if i have a fake or not? thanks for your help
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