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    Guitar, Tantra, Shaktism, Eastern religion, Politics (to some degree), Fencing (it's been too long since I've done this), Reading.
  1. Hey sorry for such a late response, I haven't been to organized lately. Here are some photos of the view:
  2. Thanks man!And yeah, it does sound as good as it looks. NZ is a very beautiful place indeed, I have a fantastic view of my house. I'll post a picture of it when I'm at home just to give you an idea! -Will
  3. I'm totally in love with mine actually, although I've only ever played one other one which I tried through a Fender Mustang amp which I hated (the amp I mean, not the guitar). I'm playing it through a Roland Jazz Chorus 55 an even though its a solid state amp I have to confess that I love the clean tone I get from it.
  4. Yours looks like good quality wood to me not that I'd be the one to pass judgement on that, hah.
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