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  1. BTW, Is that a Black 1976 L6S in your profile picture/ I have that exact guitar!!!
  2. Thanks! It's almost finished! Will post! And yes! Like that Beatles song: Comic Sans Forever!
  3. Right! The challenge is that It might never look PERFECT! But you can get it to look real good. Especially if viewed from off stage. You really need to get right up on it to see the cut!
  4. HI Sledge57. I too mocked it up in Photoshop before I did it to see what it would look like, Thanks!
  5. You're stupid! You should STOP Rocking. Obviously you've become closed minded and abusive in your old age!
  6. I'm really really happy for you! That what you like is stock production models must make your life very easy... :)
  7. WOW! Great work! I'm not trying to reproduce a guitar... But what you've done here is fantastic! I love modifying, or as I call it, "Hot Rodding" my guitars!
  8. Not sure about this, but thanks for the constructive input! I did put two wood struts inside the body for added sustain. One under the bridge and one in the space between the pick ups. (I can just hear the purists groaning... As if a used stock 2009 Epi ES -175 was the greatest guitar ever made...)
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