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  1. Here is another one on my L5 from a gig last December. THE LADY IS A TRAMP Lots of chords in this one.
  2. Here is a clip of me playing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town at a gig last December. I was playing my Gibson L-5, but of course in this kind of band the guitar is not out front in the mix. I just put my phone up on a stone wall next to me to get this video. SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN I had a small Roland JC-55 amp that was mic'd for this gig.
  3. Here's my tribute to NYC jazz guitarist Rick Stone. I never really cared for this tune (Misty) but when I heard Rick's arrangement of it, I knew it was a piece of music worth learning. Rick passed away in July 2016. The life of a musician is not an easy one, and often the contributions of the working class players are taken for granted. Here's to you Rick, and thanks for the great music.
  4. Here's my arrangement of Auld Lang Syne played on my Gibson Wes Montgomery L-5. The tab/notation for my arrangement is just below the video in the link. AULD LANG SYNE Happy New Year!
  5. Here is a friend of mine demonstrating how to wrap a sound cable so that it unwraps tangle free at the next gig. Just be sure you unwrap from the correct end. Enjoy!
  6. While it is easy to focus on tone woods, strings, picks, etc., the real element that brings music to life is what we carry inside of us. Here's my latest musings on my blog, Guitar Planet in which I relate my encounters with Jim Caviezel and Tom Waits to playing the guitar with passion - with fire. While it is a guitar blog, the principles apply to almost any area of life. THE FIRE WITHIN What are your thoughts on this?
  7. Over Christmas I was with my little brother, who is a film maker, at a family gathering in the Rockies. He shot this video from one of the tracks on my Christmas album. He used his drone for the shots on the frozen lake. I recorded this tune with the Taylor 810 used in the indoor video shots. For the shots outside, I was playing some yard sale special my dad has had sitting in an outside storage shed for years. I couldn't tune it and the strings were about 3/8 of an inch off the neck. BTW, this is my brother's web page --> http://deloachfilms.com/
  8. Here's my arrangement of AULD LANG SYNE... And you can get the tab for my arrangement HERE Happy New Year!!
  9. Thanks guys! BTW, the accompanying notation/tab book for the album is available today (Cyber Monday/Dec 1st) at 30% off if you use the promotion code HOLIDAY30
  10. Thanks Kidblast! On that YouTube vid I was using open D (D - A - D - F# - A - D)
  11. Here is a video from the recording session of my album. Wish I could get that tone when I record at home.
  12. Here's some video of my band. Really love having a horn section
  13. I took Kenny Burrell's arrangement of Darn That Dream, and tweaked it a bit and increased the tempo a bit. I'm playing a Dell'Arte dreadnaught.
  14. I used to play backup for fiddle players in Texas and this chord progression I teach in this vidoe/PDF lesson is one I learned back in the 70's - probably at the Kerrville Folk Festival which was the first place I was exposed to this type of rhythm playing. Texas Swing Chord Progression Scroll down page just a bit below the video to see the PDF for this lesson. Thanks!
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