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  1. Man, I apologize as none of this was meant as a personal affront. In my neck of the woods it is sometimes referred to as "good-natured ribbing" and I admit it can get out of hand. Sorry to have offended.

  2. im buying it cause i want it and gonna use it and because its a bargain and because i think its just gonna be a little better than my affinity lol.
  3. http://www.buddyhollyandthecrickets.com/guitar.html
  4. are you saying buddy holly did not have his pick ups mounted to the body??????i all so did say i could be wrong. one thing im not wrong is that buddy did have a strat were his pick ups were screwed into the wood and control plate used to cover volume and tones .theres pictures on the net i will post them up
  5. i dont think its that simple mate. i think the pick ups have to be screwd i to the wood yes but the hight of the pick ups have to be at the correct level so if you just screw them into the body i think extra wood has to been installed into the cavaty i think. and all so a control plate added over the pots volume and tones .and then the pickguard just lays straight over i think. does it improve sound you asked yes because the pick ups are mounted to the body and not the pickguard. so the sound will be better as the pick ups and wood are all one. if that makes sence. rather than having them
  6. hi guys has anybody ever mounted pick ups to the body and used a control plate for the pots so you can place the pickguard straight over. i thought the only person to do this was brian may from queen on his redspecial .but no it turns out rock n roll legend buddy holly had it done on his sunburst strat. id love to have it done. im just using a affinity strat but im after converting it completely .
  7. why is it a law suit from fender cause i want to up grade the pups and hardware?????
  8. i think the chance of owning a guitar that belonged to a famous person is very slim never mind that they comited a serious crime like rolf harris but if say a famous guitarist had a signature copy of there guitar made and it was on the market to purchase for example say a guitarist like say jimi hendrix and you gst a signature hendrix strat then it came out that he had done the same as rolf harris. would i sell this copy of his strat my answer is dont be silly of course not why would you .just because they did what they did makes no difference in there guitar and even more so for a c
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