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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for help for my Gibson DF.

    Do not hesitate to come back to me to exchange.


  2. Have you solved the problem yet? Think i have the same problem, Have broken the B-string twice. and probably would have broken it a third time if I didn't tune it my self. Have a little bit of an overall problem with the tuning system on my Les paul std 2010 lmt ed. Have registerd on Future guitar now, Will I find the solution on my problem there? / John
  3. I need some help with my Les paul 2010 limited robot.... The tuning works fine and I've read the manual to guide myself through the MCK nob.. My problem is the "green" chameleon tones. They all sound the same. What am I doing wrong? The guitar never been connected to the RIP. I've tried the yellow bank also and it's the same. Perhaps even more non action on the yellow bank.. Thx / John
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