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  1. Always liked that guitar! I'd buy that RIGHT NOW... That listing still up?
  2. Love how somebody said... "Pickguard Sucks ***" LOL
  3. Drew Zing is an amazing guitarist...
  4. OK, Maybe not cheap, cheap... But for under 1K I got an ALL SOLID wood Takemine TF430SS with that Cool Tube-2 Pickup system... Sweet warm sound. Dark reddish brown burst solid Cedar Top with solid Ovangkol back and sides. Crisp full acoustic sound, and really sweet acoustic sound plugged in.
  5. Jamler


    Just have to say.... RAUL IBANEZ is B A D A S S !!! NYY BABY!!! ROCK ON
  6. My jammin friends... Check out www.monoprice.com Look at their Instrument Cables... Same exact spec at Monster cables... Fraction of the price...
  7. Jamler

    Special Day

    Sure is Special... And it says so too Jam on... Congrats
  8. Gorgeous... Sounds sweet too...
  9. I've been playing the hell out of my 40th over the past week and a half I've owned it... I think these P-100's sound very similar to the 57 PAF Classics... My friend has a CS-339 with 57's in it and it sounds a bit more warmer, slightly less bite in bridge position. Neck PUs sound very very similar. Here's a nice pic, paired with my 100% Original 1964 Fender Champ
  10. Hi All... I'm new to the forum. After owning/selling several guitars in my life, I just purchased a 1991 40th Anniversary Les Paul which I'll likely keep forever! A friend knew how much I loved this guitar and sent me a quick e-mail saying; I was just at Mandolin Bros (NY) and your guitar is there and it is MINT. Well, he was right, the guitar looks like it was made last week, and has no play time on it. After owning it for a week, I've logged at least 15 hours... It just plays like we all dream.
  11. I just got a Les Paul 40th Anniversary with the Soap Bar P-100's and Ebony fretboard. Guitar is a closet classic... It is literally in MINT condition, like never played... Until now! I played the black off this thing this week. LOL. I did forget how heavy Original LPs are. This thing has the old style gibson square box frets like they used to use on the LP Customs back in the day 'Fretless Wonder'. Really the neck feels just like an old school Les Paul Custom... I say old school because some of Gibson's reissue LP Customs have had jumbo frets, nothing like the original. I see this thread is old but I imagine there are not many with this LP. 300 made. So... I'm new to the Gibson Forum, My first post... But certainly glad to be here!
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