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  1. thanks Parabar!..exactly what I wanted to know. I'm eyeing the 5120's....One that ive been watching has upgraded TV JONES Powertron in the neck, Powertron Plus in the bridge. Also, eyeing the newer 5420's. I can get a new one around $700. Really want the one in Orange. I have two weeks off from work,,for vacation, so I'm definatley gonna snag a Gretsch and spend some quality time with it.
  2. no..my Casino doesn't have the Bigsby...that's one of the points that interest me.
  3. Ive been eyeing a Gretsch 5120 on ebay. Never owned one before. I see they came out with upgraded models couple years ago called the 5140. Ive always loved the Stray Cats, Setzer , Eddie Cochran , Rockabilly sound....so I think it would be a cool axe. My Epi Casino is my top dog, but curious what you players think of the Gretsch that have one or played one? None in my local area to try out. Thx.
  4. Great clip..when I bought my Natural Casino last JULY..this is one of the main albums I went to ..to figure out some guitar parts. Great Casino tones on this record!! ....Well, Well, Well.....and I Found Out are couple others with that great tone.
  5. that was your video , Jack?? wow...I came across it this past weekend....really enjoyed it..even forwarded it to another Casino fan. ....I had just "rediscovered" the CASINO this weekend...after leaving it in the case for months. I had gone thru a "metal phase" a Dean V and Dean Z that I have....I was gonna sell the Casino to a drummer I know..who loved the sound...but after a week I let him use it...he said he didn't like the neck...and didn't "connect" with it. I brought it back home. Cranked it thru my Marshall...and HOLY MOSES!....I forgot what a great sound this had!...I emailed the drummer and said..THANKS for not buying it..WTF was I thinking! I had a love fest for couple hours with the Casino. A natural color , 2005 model that I got used w/ case at Guitar Center last July for $429. Nothing sounds like it. That's when I was doing a search and came across your excellent video!. Thanks for posting!
  6. NGD~! Been itching for a Junior for awhile, and scored the Epiphone 57 Junior reissue model, that came out few years back. Great shape , like new in the original Epi Case. Landed me $299. Has the P100 pickup. Ive read good and not so good things on this particular pickup....will have to wait and see. Could always change it out to a Fralin or some other P90. I'm a big Mountain/Leslie West fan...so this is just what I need.
  7. I'm itching for a Junior with P90's, and came across one on Craigs List. A tv yellow in good shape. I don't think they make them anymore. He is asking $350, which I don't know if its too much. Just curious if anyone has played or have one. Looks similar to the one Johnny Thunders of the the NY Dolls used. The double cutaway version with one P90.
  8. IM itching for a Gold top with P90's! I had one years ago, around 99, 2000. After I sold it, I bought one of the Agile Gold tops from Rondo. Which was ok, very sparkly, but the honeymoon wore off and sold that. I'm Gassing for a gold top again...and I see the latest incarnation of the 56 is the PRO model in Metallic Gold. I read somewhere has improved ALNICO P 90's over previous years models?? That would be great. I see the price is around $499 online.
  9. I finally took my Casino to its first jam session this past weekend. In the past, Ive used SG's, V's, Strats,etc. I started out with a MIM Strat, and then I told them, Im breaking out something new....an EPI CASINO. Had to dial in the sound...as Feedback became the first issue, of course....but once we got it....had a sweet sound! Covered all bases,,,Foghat, stones, nugent, dio, ac/dc, beatles. The drummer tried it out..."THIS thing is LIGHT!"....exactly its full hollowbody...don't need a back breaker anymore...and he couldn't believe the sound. " its feels different and sounds different" than other guitars he said... EXACTLY! He said..."Man, this guitar is YOU!" HAHA...Casino pulled me thru the jam...the Strat just was a little too thin. I find myself past few years..going thru guitars, ...strats, V's.,sg's..few Dots,...never found that special one..that was a "keeper" The missus..thought I had a disease or a screw loose...always selling , buying. But, I think this is the one[thumbup]
  10. I was trying to decide , when I was shopping for my Casino......Natural or Sunburst!!??...I liked both, but then I got a good deal on a like new, used one at GC....$330 with case! Its a keeper!
  11. That's a SWEET looking Cherry Red. Just what ive been looking for lately. Been checking used at GC and ebay/craigslist. Been listening to a lot of Wishbone Ash and early UFO. My next purchase. Nice Mods you did, also. Congrats.
  12. thanks for the link! Ive been on a Wishbone Ash kick lately. Rediscovering the band. Watching some videos. Always loved Andy's tone on his Flying V. I agree...there should be a signature V for Andy Powell. Looking forward to his new book coming out later this month in Oct!
  13. Landed a used 56 Epi Gold Top w/ P90's.......found it at guitar center...with case! $289.00 I think I got a good deal! Pics on the way soon.
  14. for those of you that have played both...or owned both..which do you prefer??? The full hollow body w/ P90's ..or the semi hollow with humbuckers... I purchased the Casino 30 days ago...but i think the honeymoon wore out....why do i have a craving for the Epi Dot.?
  15. My Epiphone Casino arrived Friday...finally got to play it last nite. I bought it used from Guitar Center...so felt like I was taking a gamble...who knows what u could end up with? Its said comes with case...so I was praying it was not a gig bag in that big box. One opened, was a big black EPI case..like new. The guitar is like new...a 2013 model. Not a nick , dent or scratch. No scratch pots. Nice low action like I like it. I just played clean on Friday thru a 50 w Marshall..Nice chimey sound. These P90's have some chime! I love the neck..perfect size...as the 4 previous DOT's were all too beefy for me. This feels great. Saturday nite..is when I got the cobwebs out. I plugged into a Fender Champ..w/ overdrive. Right away Im thinking George Thorogood or some Ted Nugent....I was definitely getting that feedback howl in some areas where I was standing..and that was not a bad thing! Again...the P90's knocked me out..the can growl for sure. I really like this axe! My fathers day present to myself. One question for you fellow Casino owners....what amp do you recommend? THe clean did not sound that great on the Fender for some reason...unlike my Strat or Tele. Im thinking maybe getting a VOX.
  16. Ive been eyeing these for years...but never got my hands on one , until about two weeks ago, while on vacation at a Guitar Center. I was in the market for a Gretsch....but it just didn't move me. Ive previoulsly owned about 4 EPI DOTS in the last 10 years....3 cherry and one in natural. But, some reason or another ....they just didn't stay around. I could never connect with them fully. Was usually the big beefy necks....ive got smaller hands,,,and they would sometimes cramp on those higher up frets. The last EPI DOT I bought was last year...they came out with the EPI 335 PRO....I found a used one online..at GC. They guy said...beefy necks a problem? Problem solved!...so I was expecting my dream guitar. When I got it...It was definatley thinner...not sure it was a good thing?...but the PUPS sounded...different. I was not a fan of those 335 PRO pickups. So, now ....debating for weeks to get another DOT or not...or the Casino...I finally found a natural EPI CASINO used with a case online at GC. Be here in couple days. This MAY be the one..haha....I loved the full hollow sound when I tried one out. Being a big Beatles fan, Im sure Im gonna love this. NGD!
  17. thanks BYRDS1965.....that settles my mind....not just me! lol! ....that's what I kind of hear...bright and flat. The word I was gonna use on my original post was DEPTH...didn't have the depth of my previous DOTS had. I think the older DOTS had PRO BUCKERS?
  18. I picked up an EPI 335 PRO couple weeks ago. Nice axe...I don't use the coil spit option at all. Ive previously owned probably 3 DOTS before. I think these PRO pickups are just a little too bright..than Im used to. Seems the prior pups had little more warmth to them. Maybe Im crazy. Am I the only one that like those earlier pickups used on DOTS or even SG's? Before the PRO? Im thinking of just getting an older DOT model.
  19. Thanks for all the comments regard the DOT neck. Well.....my Epi ES 335 PRO arrived yesterday. YES, the neck is different than my previous 3 DOTS....I think were 2004,2008. 2011..THis is more like the slim taper neck on my EPI faded vintage SG. I noticed right away at the nut..and also the higher frets. I played about an hour or more...and felt great...no hand cramps..haha. This is the neck for me.. Oh..the date is june 2012...so it was one of the first models I believe. So, I guess they were not all chunky when the first batch came out. PICS on the way.
  20. I just purchased a Cherry Red 335 PRO...and wanted to get one the cases over at Guitar Fetish.. The guy over there told me....they fit a Gibby 335 , but not a DOT..as the DOT headstock is bigger. My question...is the headstock on the PRO same as the DOT??? thanks
  21. that's kind of weird. the DOT PRO haven't even been out that long..maybe over a year?? You've had one with a chunky neck and one with a thinner neck>? Seems crazy. Id like to try one out. I just called my nearest Guitar Center...and they have NO DOTS in stock..next GC is 3 hours away. I might just have to take a gamble. Im curious to know how much better the new DOT PRO pickups are compared to the older 2000 era DOTS.
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