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  1. I remember you wanting one of these back when I got mine on Sept 19 2014 and no one had them and then the cases were on back order. Mine is also a 2013 model year in fact it was made in Sept 2013 so it was a year old when I got it . I finally the case, finally arrived on Oct 24th so I dealt with the box for over a month. I've been very pleased with mine , I keep it humidified since we get these very dry spells here. So far it's not changed a bit other than opened up a bit but the action has not changed . Congrats on getting yours about 2 months after I got mine.
  2. I was curios . I only found an old post asking questions. I know they don't cover setups or the finish or worn frets and other parts . What do they cover? Say an acoustic that shows no alterations or damage and suddenly the bridge come off do they repair that? Also one little glitch . Some on-line sellers like Sweet Water claim they set up and inspect every guitar with a 55 point process . Not just Epiphone's but all guitars . They can't possibly be an authorized repair center for every brand they sell . So say they lower the action by sanding a saddle or adjust the truss rod
  3. It's nothing to be concerned about. Many acoustics use a separate heel and head stock and glue them to the neck. In Fact Seagull does this even on their most expensive acoustics . Many builders use what is called a scarf joint for an acoustics peg head where they cut the head at an angle and flip it over and glue it back to the neck . The idea behind this is instead of having the peg head grain ( as peg heads are at an angle to the neck) a one piece neck has short grain when cut at the peg head angle which is a weak spot and why Gibson peg heads are more likely to snap off on impact. With the
  4. My EL00 case is supposed to blow into MF warehouse on the 22nd of Oct at least that's what they told me after talking to their buyers. I also noticed on the waist of the treble side of the guitar where it is black the finish is a bit odd. I can't tell if it's the black paint they apply in the sides waist or the clear they apply over it . It's like raised lines that go with the grain and I can feel it but to see it you need to hold the guitar at an angle so the light shins on it. I tried to take a photo but I get just glare no matter what I do. I can see it but the camera can't. I ca
  5. call Tyler Berggren @ 1-800-222-4700 x6400
  6. I think all the AJ guitar are basically the same size and shape . I do like the look better than a dread. The AJ's would include the j45 and 160E and the texan and and all the other epi variations that are titled AJ . I really do feel EPI should at least specify that they do not cover setups in the warranty rather than let the first time buyer find out they need to spend an extra $60 . They do claim they are QC'ed and setup once they reach the states but after that they can change . So the Quality control stamp really means nothing unless a guitar floats in all twisted out of shape.
  7. I see you have a EPI J45 . What do you think of it overall? I went with the EL-00 because I already have a AJ-100 and a smaller seagull grand and the EL-00 was right in the middle size wise and sound wise. I have no idea based on the reviews I've seen if the 2014 63 limited J45 is better than the early ones or the same thing. I know it has a laminate top and back and sides so it must be real close to the AJ-100 other than better tuners and a shorter scale. The Texan was a bit out of my price range but at least most places stock them and have the case as well. Odd how that happ
  8. That's a shame . I'm not surprised though, not one GC or Sam ash had anything like the EL-00 since they came out where I live is the middle of grand old Hollywood CA. The GC here usually has nothing but low end Epiphone's or high end name the brand. They had plenty of the EPI DR100's and the same thing in 12 string and One AJ220S. The only place is Sweetwater , they have both the guitar and case in stock if you get both they will give you a price break other wise they don't exist.
  9. I'm not one bit surprised that the guitars on you tube are all setup to perfection , they want to sell them not offer up some product that can't be played well. All guitars need to be setup for the player or just to play well for the average lot no matter what the cost. If I recall back in the 60's most shops setup guitars close enough before hanging them on the wall , today no so much. This was way way before the big stores like guitar center even blew on the scene let alone on-line who knew back then this was in the future. There was however a lot of imported crap even back then that were st
  10. I knew Sweet water had the cases but you do get a price break if you buy the guitar and case together . When I got my EL-00 the case was the same price as MF shows. If I got mine from sweetwater I would have only paid $23 more than MF since MF add's sales tax . I didn't get it from sweetwater because they do this 52 point inspection which may be great but their return is 30 days instead on 45 days and I didn't want someone dressing frets and adjusting things because they ship them too and things can happen where their setup can be out of wack when you get it. They say they set them up and stor
  11. I'm sorry about the case . I thought GC would not have any but hoped one near you did.
  12. I called again last night and spoke to the same fellow who told me it should have a slight convex top and from what I was telling him and he kept notes from my last call a week ago. He said the slight dip on the top between the center of the lower bout and closer to the binding is usually caused from bridge pull/stress but could also be because it was dry at one point. The made it sound like they had a EL-00 that they were comparing to but it was a Gibson L-00 . He said it had the same shape top as mine displays and it was checked out and was fine. I can't see the low spot without a straight e
  13. I don't know what the top should look like. I would think that as most acoustics I have now the two others I have both have a convex top would be normal. I am really frustrated because Gibson techs tell me different things. One I spoke to last week told me it should have a slight convex top today I call and the fellow told me they are dead flat and asked where I got it and then said send it back. He even asked who told me it should be convex and I said one of the techs that works there. I got it from MF and it arrived on the 19th of Sept yet the case is still on back order. I called Musi
  14. I was wondering since I can't get an answer . Could anyone here who has an EL-00 pro check the top across the lower bout and see if the top is flat or convex . I called Gibson and was told by one fellow it was convex and another told me they are dead flat . Mine is convex but when I rock the straight edge and it touches the binding there is about a 1/32" low area like concave that is sort of between the center and the binding . To me it looks like it was dry I thought the tops were supposed to be convex where you could rock a straight edge and find no low areas. Any help would help
  15. I had a new J160E 1965 model in 1966 and never plugging it in. I used acoustic strings on it and it sounded fine just like that. I really don't understand why people try to duplicate a sound the Beatles had . It was their sound as a band and no one will ever know if they ever plugged the J160E in or not. They had sound engineers to get the sound they were after. I knew one fellow in a great band in the later 60's who used the J160E plugged in and it sounded fine , I don't know what strings he used but they must have been electric type. I think Ami Mann uses an old J160E
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