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  1. Ruby, my MIC Casino, has a unique natural resonance that gives it a spectacular tone, better than any other Casino I have ever played. It played decent from the factory, but after a good fret job (Taking off a lot of metal from the frets over the body), a Tusq nut, a Bigsby tailpiece and a Gotoh bridge, the guitar is pure magic. It would absolutely humiliate a Gibson 330. Guitars are individuals. Life is too short to date plain women or play average guitars.
  2. When I decided I wanted a Casino, My 1st choice of color was the sunburst (like McCartney), followed by the natural (Lennonish). Red was my least favorite, it looked like a tomato. I NEVER mail order guitars. They are like wives, you have to check them out individually!. At the local store, there was a sunburst Casino that I tried out, but it did not play great and the sound was a bit dead. As I hung it back on the wall, I saw Ruby. She was glowing with this beautiful wood grain beneath her red finish. I picked her up and strummed a chord that I can only describe as "Angelic Chime". A little fret work, gotoh bridge, Bigsby etc. and Ruby is Magical.
  3. With a good, properly adjusted neck, leveled frets and good playing technique, you can lower your action to the point where tone thins out before you get fret noise. Just above that is the sweet spot where tone and playability are both ideal.
  4. What you are looking for is the Grover vintage deluxe 136 series. You can get them on ebay for about $40 as I recall. The stock Epi tuners on the Casino are copies of these, so they look and fit exactly like what you had, but they say "Grover" on them and are the real thing (Quality). God bless, Spamonkis
  5. Well I'm not sure this is the kind of advise you are looking for, but... The Casino sound has a lot to do with the acoustic properties of the guitar. If you want a good one, play it and listen for a good acoustic sound. Compare a few and you will be able to hear when you come across a good one. God bless, Spamonkis
  6. That is the key. With the "Big Bucks" Gibson, you should be able to expect it to be a great guitar. With a cheaper version (Casino), you may have to be patient and kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince, but they are out there. Personally, I would never play a great guitar and then buy an inferior one because of money. I would regret it every time I picked the guitar up. If you have the money, buy the Gibson. If not, start saving and in the mean time, pick up every Casino you see and play it. If you come across one that is everything the Gibson is before you save enough for the Gibson, great. If not, get the Gibson and never look back. God bless, Spamonkis
  7. I have not played an Elitist, but I'm sure the IBJL is about like the standard Casino as far as quality goes. That said, I tried a sunburst Casino that was unimpressive to play and resonated like a cow patty. Then I picked up the red one next to it and it rang like angelic chimes and played! I took it home and did a bit of work on it. All in all I have about as much invested in it as an IBJL would have cost. But I would put it up against any Gibson 330 out there. The point? Guitars are like women. They are all individuals. You can't just say, "I want a blonde" and think that if you get a blonde you will be happy. I never buy a guitar without playing it first. I've said it before; life is too short to play average guitars! God bless, Spamonkis
  8. Truss rod, bridge height, check/ clean up nut, intonate, level and polish frets; That' just a basic minimum on any guitar I own. Life's too short to play average guitars.
  9. I would check to see if someone has put shims under the pickup to raise it up. Other than that, sounds like you would need a new bridge pickup. I don't see how a different tailpeice would make any difference. God bless, Spamonkis
  10. I recently thought I'd try a set of Fender pure nickel strings that I found for a good price, but when I went to put them on Ruby, the strings were very short on the bass side (Not even making it around the post). Unbelievably, they are staying on and sound very good, but I am not sure I want to continue using strings that I will worry might slip off at the most inopportune time. Is it normal for Fender strings to be this short? I've been a professional bass player for over 35 years and guitar is a rather new undertaking. With bass strings, I have never bought a set that would not fit pretty much any bass, so it seems wierd to me that Fender would intentionally make strings that will not fit a lot of guitars.
  11. It's just a peice of angle aluminum I cut, drilled and polished, Put a felt pad on the inside and screwed it on in place of the strap button. It could be put back to original in about two minutes. But if that still seems "drastic", Yea, a leather strap is a good idea anyway.
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