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  1. I saw him in Belgium. He really can sound like Freddie King, that I saw 45 years ago. Very impressive ....
  2. I play finger style jazz arrangements, on a LG2. As my arrangements are quite difficult, I use Extra Light 10-47 acoustic sets sometimes in 80/20 other times in Phosphor Bronze. I used until now D'addario EXP sets, but they change the the materials now to "NY Steel" and I don't like the new sound and also I hate the increased stifness of these new EXP sets. I don't need realy coated strings, but I like great flexibility so that it helps my left hand. If You have any advises to help me choose another brand for 10-47 sets , like extra-light or maybe some 11-50 with round-core to ensure low tension and flexibility ( like Sunbeam or Newtone ) There are many choices , so if you can help me to find a new selection for my LG2 .... I thank You by advance. As I am living in Europe, the prices of Thomastik, Pyramid, is more affordable than in US .... So Thank You for your suggestions.
  3. Now I need some help to choose my amp for my new baby ....As I am 68 and I have no car, when I play with a band, I used what is available where we play. Bur most of the time, I practice and play at home. The first temptation was to use computer amp simulations available in Logic, Amplitube, .... But some 5W to 10W little amps were designed for people to play at home, and several family of products like modelisation amps, transistors and also valve amps ...and also the different brands .... So to narrow the choice, I fixed the goal to to my preferred sound : BB King, Freddie King, Larry Carlton, .... In resume more the "Fender" family than the Vox or Marshall . Here also Fender builds Mustang ( modelisation) , Champion Transistor and Blues Champ tubes. In some shops some sellors spoke about Ibanez and Laney Cub 10 who offers a very nice twin reverb alternative. and the list goes on ..... I shall try before buying, but by advance many thanks for your advises . Claude
  4. I am stil a great fan of Freddie, I stil look at hundred of pictures I took when he was in Europe in 70's .... and as I stil play blues guitar today , I am quite sure I shall buy a FK model .... BUT what string gauge and brands did he use ? Which thumb-pick and fingerpick did he use ? OK maybe there are stil in production or you can easily find a similar product... AND now the AMP the Fender Quad Reverb which is distinctive also of its sound ? When you listen to Albert Collings , you recognize this kind of texas blues climax. As Fender stops the production of this amp, you shall start to explore by testing different kinds of amplifiers to get Freddie's feeling .... or maybe have you already found the solution ?
  5. I played for many years An ES125TDC with very classical jazz and blues stuff, from Duke Ellington to BB King. On my 125 I did the choice of DR Pure Blues 11-48 for the following reasons: Pure nickel is less bright than nickel wound and the timber is just between jazz and blues ( not too saturated) The gauge 11-48 with a plain third permits bending on G string, Is a little heavy for blues , a little light for jazz, and I liked this compromise. So the temptation is great for me to start the choice of strings with the same package. But of course choice is so great between brands , materials, gauges, , so maybe have you a better advise : For instance , if i like round cores and pure nickel, the DR Pure Blues range is available from 9-42 to 12-52. Ernie Ball has less flexible strings with hex cores in nickel and other materials. The main reason of my choice for CS336 is because I liked the sound and the body size fits better my 68 years. By advance many thanks for your advises. Claude
  6. Are the Gibson Sam Bush and Bill Monroe signature strings sets for mandolin stil in production or discontinued ? Any advise to help me choose strings for my 1924 Snakehead ?
  7. I just get a Gibson LG2 from 1960. I like the neck more than the 1950 and older width and profile. I tried different sets of strings from my reserve but as I play on Martin Rosewood OM models, maybe I need to change and adapt my preferences to this new guitar. On this LG2 I shall play mainly blues. After trial and errors, the 11-52 gauge sets feel better from my kind of playing. I now hesitate between 80/20 and Phosphor bronze ... As I have some Martin and D'addario sets in stock, I tried them. But what is your opinions on the Gibson Masterbuilt Premium 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings These 2 sets are new to me. But maybe have you other suggestions ? Many Thanks
  8. I am new to this forum. On my 1933 L-00 What is your advises for the choice of strings ? I mostly play acoustic blues with fingerpicks.
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