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  1. Just ordered this exact guitar from SW the other day. Is this pretty true to the actual color? I know sometimes pictures can alter the color a little bit.... The red on the outside seems to be really dark. Looks almost like a heritage cherry. this is a picture of the honeyburst, by the way most honeybursts that ive seen look A LOT lighter. Almost like a light burst... I was trying to go for a Jimmy Page type finish. I think I might have missed... haha
  2. Very nice man! Love it! I think the 03 honeyburst that I'm lookin at has a one piece back as well. I dont remember though, do you know?
  3. Tell me about it! Haha I also really like the aged/yellow inlays on the classic. I just see classic's ranging from like 1100-1800, I dont know where this one falls. It's in nearly perfect, mint condition so I'm guessing higher on the scale? I can get it for 1325, so might not be a bad deal.
  4. I agree 100%, but I can't try one here because no one has them :( So it just comes down to buying an 03 classic that I have played or a classic custom that I have not played :/
  5. I'm mostly concerned on the brightness of the baked maple. :/ Also, the classic and custom classic have the 60's neck, but the 03 classic seems to have a thinner neck, am i just imagining that? I've never played a classic custom, but i played the 03 classic and it seemed thinner than normal... i dont know, haha
  6. I played a mint 03 classic honeyburst the other day and it was really nice, I liked it a lot. I can get it for 1325 w/ deluxe gibson case. But im also looking at the 2012 classic customs. ONly thing im worried about is the brightness, and I have not played one before, I would have to order it online... I also played an 05 standard desertburst but I didnt like it too much, i think because it wasnt setup so its hard to see what it would be like. I can get the standard for 1475. I also heard that the 03 classic is not as valuable as others b/c of the plaintop honeyburst, not a flame top. Still hold their value well? 1325 a good deal on one? What to do??? 03 classic that I like 2012 classic custom that I have never played before 05 standard that is not setup (dont know if it plays bad bc no setup or bc its a poor guitar)
  7. Yeah, ive watched that probably 50 times haha. Seems pretty bright. :/ I dunno haha
  8. I'm a little concerned about the brightness of it. I heard the maple fretboard makes it substantially more bright than the standard or traditionals... Any input?
  9. Well, I just bought a new Classic Custom from guitarcenter online. I figure it's safe because I can just walk in and return it if I don't like it. I'm excited to play it!
  10. Haha thanks for the replies. How do you think these will hold their value? Its hard to tell because they are so new...
  11. WOuld you get a new classic custom for 1.5k or an 05 standard for 1.5k? :)
  12. What do you guys think of the new Gibson Les Paul Classic Customs? Great deals on MF right now, can get one new for about 1.5k. What do you guys think about them? Why/how are the new standards so much more than these customs? Shouldnt a custom be more? :P
  13. ahhh thanks so much! ya, I googled it and most people have the abr-1's on the 03 classics
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