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  1. Thought some people on this forum might have some interest in a little project I have going on.


    So my Hummingbird TV had about 5% of the "hand painted" bird/floral faded. So I decided to experiment with touching it up. My wife went out to Hobby Lobby and got me 2 Sharpie oil based paint pens (white and yellow).


    Here was the before - you can see part of the bird is faded, the flowers were almost completely gone, it was just enough to bother me.





    And here is after I touched it up a bit... the color is almost exact.





    You can make out where I blotted some paint down especially around the flowers. The important part is to get a nice flow into the grooves because I will be removing the excess on the surface of the guard.


    I let this set and dry a few hours then begin sanding it down with fine sandpaper (1000 to 2500) I picked up from Autozone.


    After that I will hand buff with some buffing compound.


    Final step is to actually fade the color a little with brown shoe polish to age it a bit to more of a cream white color. This will also blend the original and the new so it looks uniform.



    More to come...

  2. The one I'm looking at is the 93 on eBay has the banner on the headstock. Can't play any none are near by. I'm a big fan of the sj200 I've had quite a few incl a tv which I still have. But price wise this one is right in my budget about now and would love to try one with hog b/s. but as you say it may be too risky because it is a 93.


    I had a '96 that was rather "dead" sounding. Because of this and some other experiences, I think of the 90s as the "try before you buy" era and the 2000s as the more consistent years.

  3. How do you reglue this? And - do you use clamps to secure it in place?


    I'm just using spray tack glue and some weighty objects to secure it. Clamps are definitely the way to go, but I don't have any.




    Original, , , !? which year and why off. . .[/size][/font]


    1967. The pickguard has been lifting at a couple of edges just enough where I knew it had to be done.

  4. haha..well yea


    the reason I bring up the fact that I think the modern pg's are not made out of the same material is: I'm sure I read here in one of the many threads on the HB guards that they ARE made out of the same material... and I have pondered on it.


    What are they made of... I think someone said a type of cellulose, or am I getting it all wrong?


    Wood is wood right? I mean obviously there is more to it than that, but sika spruce whether 1960's or 2012.. is going to have the same molecular make up ..no ?


    Nitrocellulose finish.... would this not be the same also ? I mean nitrocellulose is nitrocellulose ..right ? or am I wrong ?


    so the glue........ this could be different.. and maybe turns black over 40 years.. if indeed this what the swirls are?


    Sorry to question your statement 527.. I mean no disrespect... the swirls on many many examples ..look so much part of the guard and so artistic


    I mean is your statement a given fact..or a theory ? It seems like a good reason for the dark magical swishes and swirls.. for sure.


    groovadelic didn't answer whether the marks where indeed on the body.. wouldn't you need to completely clean the body to re attach the guard... maybe/does the glue stain the body...?


    All I know is you see no glue on the modern examples..only air pockets..which could turn darker over time ......


    Hmmmm ????


    I removed the guard and cleaned off the old gunk off both the guard and the body before glueing it back (with tacky spray glue). The swirl is in the pickguard and the color is a brownish red. They are not red and not nearly as transparent as the TVs. I've owned 2 TVs Birds that I sold for one reason or another.


    The body was a lighter color (probably the original color) under the guard and very coarse due to the glue probably interacting with the curing nitro over the decades.

  5. Very attractive vintage Bird, love it. Will you get that cracked fixed, it looks pretty significant ?


    I did glue it back with hide glue and will put in cleats soon. As far as aesthetics... will probably leave it . Whoever owned it prior did not take care of it and so the lacquer has discolored around it. Just a battle scar now!

  6. Thanks guys - yeah, original pickguard that I had to remove, flatten, and reglue. I can see why Gibson decided to bolt it down, they probably got complaints that the celluloid would shrink and lift.


    I have some more pics including the headstock on my work laptop that ill post, but I have decided that the work computer is staying powered off tonight!

  7. Lots of great thoughts and opinions here - much appreciated. I haven't spent enough time with it to figure out which strings would go best with it yet, but that is a great point. The guitar currently has the string that came on it - they look like Martin SPs. I actually did a bit of restoration - reglued the bridge down properly. Believer or not, Gibson had not removed the finish under the bridge prior to glueing it.

  8. I recently picked up a 67 Hummingbird. The first thing I did without a second thought was to get one of those bone saddles from Philadelphia luthiers... The guitar sounds great - amazing bottom, loud, resonant, and brighter... The only quality I don't really like (and it might be because I'm not used it) is it has a raspy tone which also has a vintage vibe to it.


    Well, I decided to throw the wood saddle back in out of curiosity and its definitely a softer sound as one might anticipate. The thing that surprised me was that the raspiness is gone. I think I like the tone better actually. No, it's not as pronounced, but I'm digging the woody dry tone. I guess I'm don't really like a bright guitar with that "zing" to it.


    Everything I've read however tells me the opposite. Anyone here have any experience with wood saddles? This is my first and I'm no longer writing it off as an inferior poor design.


    I would love to hear those that perhaps were around in the 60s on why Gibson would choose a wood saddle and what the opinion was at the time.

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