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  1. I don't know why, but I've been blasting this song a lot lately. And yes, that's right...he IS singing in the Superman pose. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MDCbIhTa_w
  2. I like how high up the Zakk Wylde silhouette is on the back of the headstock...and how the 'S' from the "Made in USA" is stamped right on the top of his head. That made me giggle/snort.
  3. I can't tell. The Au Naturale finish is rotting away...just like REAL unfinished wood! Wow!
  4. I paid $5,400 for this exclusive limited edition '09 Square Les Paul model. The eBay description said the finish was the new Glossless Au Naturale finish. It's a six string guitar, but the guy I bought it from said he could knock down the price from $7,800 to $5,400 if I bought it with four strings and tuners instead of six. He said I could always add the other two later for small fee.
  5. I bot dis LP on da eBayz! I tink iz a fake! Do I has a case?! :D/
  6. Or your car! Or your bed sheets! Hell, it's the new Febreeze! Oh, by the way...lemme change that from cologne to perfume. That makes more sense. Anyway, Burger King made the flame broiled burger smell...Gibson, now it's your turn.
  7. When I was a kid, I loved the smell of furniture stores and opening new video game consoles... However, recently I've come to love a new smell... ...the smell of a brand new Gibson guitar in its case. Gibson should bottle that shizzle and sell it as a cologne! That, or chop up Gibson guitars into a fine dust so we can snort it! :P
  8. You should buy it and examine it more closely. Let us know of your findings.
  9. Mannnn, I tried scouring the internet for pictures of that green one, but it's HARD to find... Anyway, here's the ONLY two pictures I could find...these pictures, taken from another forum, were taken from an eBay auction which ended a long time ago. Sorry that there's no straight body shot...BUT it does show you what the color looks like... http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/4990/img3781jv7.jpg http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/5364/img3729rf3.jpg
  10. Next I'm going to buy an amp! It's very unfortunate, but the only amp I have right now is a solid state Line 6 amp. I was very interested in the Line 6 Spider Valve 212, being that it's a tube amp with a lot of options. Anyway, lemme ask you guys...what's a great tube amp for playing a variety of music from blues to classic rock to metal??
  11. Yeah, I don't know...you'd think with something as unique as the Axcess that they'd have some variety, but unfortunately this model is really only limited to two different colors. There's a green one out there too, but I thought that one was kind of gross.
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