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  1. Recently bought a second from a refurbisher, it's an Epi Royale, had a small hairline crack on the headstock. Other than needing a pickup upgrade the guitar is great! But I agree, proceed with caution on the seconds in general, ask lots of questions and try the guitar first...
  2. My Korean made Epiphone Dot is often my main gigging guitar. Recently got a white Epi Royale, it's beautiful, just needs better pickups. She's in this vid of mine ...
  3. Well then. Drooling as well! Now all I need is a silver plated Gibson spitoon, after seeing those pics. New product line potential
  4. Wow that IS one gorgeous specimen, nice to see that! And interesting to read about this guitar's history. I'd better dig deeper next time as the one vintage gibson site I checked the info on for this J100 that got away on ebay didn't acknowledge the 70's models. Thanks for all the feedback! Learning here...
  5. Odd looking J100...and another thing, I thought these were discontinued after 1943, then reintroduced in 1985...this seller claims it's a 1970. The saddle looks like a Martin, as does the pickguard. The rosette doesn't look Gibson like either... So is this a custom made Gib J100 with hybrid tendencies? Here's the listing http://www.ebay.com/itm/290801149783?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Well that didn't take long...it's sold. But still curious just what that was...anyone?
  6. Absolutely, she'll be on a stage soon so there will be pics! At the very least..
  7. !!!! Ok I thought it was just my luck but totally agree...my Seagull also gives the other acoustics a run for the money, a fantastic sound for a ridiculously low price...and then there's the Westerly built Guild JF55 about to darken my doorway with its presence...
  8. Thanks so much Steve, great to read your post! I've decided to go with the Guild! She is magic, really rich tones, very scopey...am fine with the heavier git as I'm 6' and find it actually easier performing with a weightier acoustic especially when hitting those high bar chords, am a standing/walking singer and find it easier to brace with some guitar weight... Also the spruce/rosewood combo will project and cut through the mix so well. If the Gib seller had been able to tell me about the wood mix it might have helped...! Thanks again for the input and I'm sure to be back as the Gibson alway
  9. Seller doesn't know re the Gib and the git's not in driving distance...but if it's mahoghany I'd love it more. Like the combination of spruce/mahog. Can't seem to find specs on '95 woods will keep looking here.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply...pretty sure it's maple back/sides for the Gib and rosewood for the Guild...The Guild I'm looking at has such a character sound...almost piano like in its lower end of tone...with chiming highs... the Westerlys are really so good and yet underrated. But there is nothing like a Gib and I can't think clearly :)
  11. Hello, I'm new to this forum, so glad to see such a vast range of topics as well as opinions/experiences re the Gibson, am hoping to just have a little feedback re a decision I need to make soon... Am trying to decide which guitar to buy...a mid 90's Gibson J100 or a Westerly built mid 90's Guild JF55....ouch Need this guitar to serve on stage, possibly at times in the studio but looking mostly for a tone monster for the live application... In the ideal world I'd have both...! Style of music I perform is rock/pop/folk... For a while I was considering just getting an Epi J200 but I do believ
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