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  1. Finally got around to measuring the pickup rings and they are the same as willys gibson ones. Thanks willy. Now to order and install new pickup rings and then maybe sell her
  2. I'm fairly sure I seen an early dot studio with a control cavity
  3. I'm loving the Crestwood. Been thinking about selling my elite les Paul custom for awhile, the weight kills me. I think it's time she goes and I will get a red Crestwood
  4. I love the look of that v 90. I will have to keep my eye out for one of those I think. Having a touch of GAS
  5. If epi made a dave grohl or trini Lopez model I would buy either I live the 335 body with diamond f holes looks classy
  6. The carve on mine is very dramatic as well. Am in work all day so can't measure them til late this evening
  7. Thanks both I will measure them and post the outcome
  8. I have a wine red epiphone elite les Paul custom and both pickup rings have split down the middle. Normal epi rings don't fit are the elite/elitist pickup rings the same as Gibson or are they unique to the elite/elitist range. Anyone got any ideas
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