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  1. Hi, Thank you very much for the reply. I actually left them as they were and sold the entire kit, just bought new pots, jack, pickup selector and pickups. Will solder tonight. Best Regards
  2. Hi all, Just bought a 2021 LPS and it comes with the PCB and quick connect adapters in the pickups. I want to remove the PCB and put regular 500k pots. My question is : If I cut the quick connect adapters from the pickups, will I get the regular cables from the pickups to solder them to a new pot ? Best Regards
  3. Hi folks, Need some assistance from you (and your knowledge). I stopped using Gibson guitars for 4-5 years, sold my 3 LPC (2x 2008 and 1 2014) because I started using another brand of guitars (Mayones). So long story short, I have been thinking on buying a Les Paul Custom again to record a new album and probably keep it for future stuff. Reason why I moved away from Gibson was because of the weight and neck profile mostly, but I kind of need one now for certain things (scale length and overall sound for rhythm sections). So I have 2 options available right now from local sellers
  4. Hello, I just bought a SG Standard with the Min-eTune (I was split between the SG Original and the Standard with Min-eTune). I have 2 questions for the advanced users and/or the people that have used this system for more time : 1. If I want to remove the Min-eTune system (as it came stock from Factory), when I take it off, the back of my SG will have the "MADE IN USA 2013" legend ? 2. If I take it off will I need to make new holes for regular tuners ? or the holes will be there ? 3. I'm having a very hard time making it tune to Open C#, have anyone tried to save/program your own down
  5. SamBooka, Now that you mention it I was thinking (fearing) the same, but then I noted that the case was clean, so the problem was not coming from the case, it was something else with the Nitro. I went to the store on Monday and gave it back, they gave me a note of credit for the total, and while I was there checking the guitar with the tech guy we saw some more red "gunk" in the bottom part of the frets, a very small ammount but enough to make us think this was definitly something wrong straight from the fabric. Now my question is : Everytime we buy a Gibson, we all get the checklist s
  6. You're all right about this. I just followed my guts (and the advice) and I'll give it back to the store today under warranty, I've already spoke to the manager over the phone and he's ok with it and knows the whole picture. Now..., the next thing is..., the store (and the other stores across the country) doesn't have another Gibson SG Standard 2013 in any color, and the wait for a new one is almost 4-5 months. They have other models such as Firebirds, Les Paul (Studio, Standard) and other brands (PRS, G&L,etc) what would you do ? Best Regards
  7. Ok, more info : Yesterday I asked a couple of guys from Stewmac, 1 guy from Gibson and 1 Luthier about this issue, they all came to a similar conclusion stating this problem might have been caused ever since the guitar was finished at the plant, but I didn't notice it until now because of the light conditions (the redish/pink spot can only be seen under yellow light). So they all also recommended to give a try with Naptha just rubbing slowly with some cotton for 1-2 minutes, they claimed this won't hurt the Nitro Lacquer or else, it'll only attack the surface of the lacquer (the clear
  8. retrorod : When I got it (2 weeks back) it was in good shape and all white. Since I've been playing it almost everyday since I got it I cleaned it up with the Luthier's Choice Kit from Gibson 2 days ago and all of a sudden yesterday night I opened the case and saw it was a bit "redish" in some areas. I've used it with other white guitars and this have never happened to me before. I'll call the store today and check the warranty. cjsinla : Hope not, that would be very very strange and dumb if they actually did that. Question : How sensitive is the nitrocellulose to the color of
  9. Hello, I just bought a couple of 2013 SG Standards (2 weeks ago), one in Ebony color and the other one in White color. Today after playing the White SG I saw one portion on the guitar "down part" was turning a bit red. I took a picture of it, hope you can see it. I have the Vintage Restoration Kit and the Luthier's Choice pack, I've used both Hi Gloss Polish liquids and rubbed for some 3-4 mins and it's still there. What would you suggest ?, I do not sweat that much to think this might be happening due to it. I have other 2 Flying Vs in Classic White color for more tan 2 years and I've
  10. Hey, I'm new on this forum. I was about to open a new post regarding this. I just bought my first Gibson guitar (2009 White Flying V) and when I bought it, the store gave me a discount for it (5%.., not bad) because the joint (neck-body) had a crack in the form of a line around it, exactly where the body and neck joint. I was wondering if this is normal, as I see some other guitars with this same problem, but I was wondering if that line-crack means the neck is warped or bending, or if the problem is with the paint only. Any help will be very helpful as I was thinking on going with a t
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