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  1. Thanks for the answers, i add some photos of mine (photos of the ebay's advertisement where i bought). When I tried it I was surprised at the quality, but above all by the sound. Very vibrant tonewood! I owned some gibson sg, (standard, sg pro 71, faded) undoubtedly are another thing but this sg are a great guitar, well done, well finished. Gibson sg faded that i owned wasn't at the same level. I too think mine is made ​​up of several pieces glued but this also happens with gibson not only with epiphone. I put this post because I read mixed reviews on the web, some argue that in fact only p
  2. Hi at all! I'm Paul and i write from Italy. In these days i bought a Epiphone Sg Korina made in Korea in 1998 and i would like to know if the body is really in Korina wood or if just korina color? I hope someone can help me. Thanks PoL
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