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  1. Probably around 1977.
  2. Remember that Page had his LPs wired to split the coils on his Burstbuckers to get the sound of the Telecaster that he used on Led Zepplin I, II and parts of III & IV. For example, Page used a Tele on "Stairway to Heaven." So you may want a Page Signature LP or you can have coil taps added to your LP. On his Signature, Gibson installs Jimmy Page BurstBucker in the bridge. Here are the specs on Page's LP: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/Jimmy-Page-Number-Two-Les-Paul/Specs.aspx
  3. If you knew anything about the history of those players that I posted (Greenwood, Rhodes, Van Halen...), you would know that we are saying the same thing: "Some of the greatest players in the world know a helluva lot about theory." It is also true that some of the greatest players didn't have much formal education in music theory.
  4. Gibson made some great LPs in 1990.
  5. I don't think that most guitar players who learn chords and scales think of it as music theory. It is music practice.
  6. Just buy any Standard 60s 70s or 80s LP with PAFs. I would pass on P-90
  7. Much prefer Greenwood, Rhodes, Van Halen, Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Allman, Betts, Lee, Carlton, Atkins, Paul, Vai, Richards, Bloomfield, Stills, Walsh, Winter, Simon etc.
  8. It all started in Mississippi Delta Blues them moved to Memphis Sun Studios. Then to Chicago. Then to Liverpool and London.
  9. Methinks U doth protest too much and U R loaded with conceit but very little humility. Methinks U R also Full of It! But hey that's just my "theory."
  10. Did Miles & Zawinul ever discuss music theory? I doubt it. I doubt that Zawinul, Shorter and Jaco theorized about any of "Heavy Weather." They simply recorded masterpieces that Theoriticians could analyze later.
  11. Exactly! I studied Music Theory for years, but I rarely give it a thought when I am writing a song. In fact the only time I ever think about theory is when I am discussing it with my Daughter who studies Music Theory at the Nashville School of the Arts.
  12. Gibson/Kramer put out a Semi Double Cutaway under the Kramer brand that is virtually identical to the Trini Lopez. I forget the model name.
  13. LP for sure, prefer the tone, but to satisfy my SG fix which I prefer for slide, I got a 1275 Doubleneck.
  14. My 422s came with a sticker that reads: "Quad Rails were designed in the USA..." I don't know where they were made but they are great PUPs. Keep in mind that most of the necks and bodies of the best 80s Kramers were made in Japan and Korea and assembled in New Jersey.
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