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  1. Thank you! Does anyone know anything in terms of the availability of these models? Just wanted to know if the rumors about their being a very limited amount was true.
  2. Thank you everyone! I know the pickguard is a very subjective thing but I think with the cherry, unless the top is insanely flamed, it looks better with one! Granted, I'm not fond of the insanely flamed tops anyways. I'm actually not even a huge HCB person but this one is a bit more mild! I can't wait for it to age a bit...the finish fading and the binding turning that yellowish cream color is something I definitely look forward to. Grab one while you can if you want a Traditional! I'd say 2013 and 2014 are probably some of the best years for Gibson since the early 90's! The 2015's are pretty questionable...but I'll wait to judge till I see one in person.
  3. I picked up one of these and I think it might be exactly what you are looking for: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Traditional-Flame-Top.aspx For more accurate pictures (Gibson is infamous for posting extremely unrealistic pictures on their website) I have a recent thread going on it!
  4. I couldn't resist. I picked it up and new it had to be mine. What do you guys think? What is it? It's called the 2014 Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional. It's basically identical to the standard Les Paul Traditional (confusing wording there) minus a couple things. First, there's three types of tops. AA, AAA, and AAA+. As of now, Gibson says there's only 45 in North America of the AAA & AAA+ models (not sure about AA). This one's a AA because a) I'm not fond of too much flame and B) it was much cheaper than the latter options and I got a very good deal on this one. Does anyone know how many of the AA's are to be manufactured? I asked Gibson but the guy I spoke to seemed to have no idea and there doesn't seem to be too many buyers of this model because there are pretty much no reviews and no information for the most part. It also has a 60s neck (pictured). The knobs are amber top hats (instead of speed knobs). And it has NO nibs. A bit disappointing but it played so well and sounded so good, I just couldn't put it down. It's not as thin as some other 60's necks (which I like). It has some substance to it and feels nice in the hand, while still maintaining the speed and accessibility to the upper registers. It's my poor man's R0 and I love it. It also has a one-piece back. I didn't believe it so I took it to a few different people in the shop and they all thought the same. It's also solid, non-weight-relieved and weighs in the mid 8 pound range so it's not too heavy either. I did do some modifications literally right out of the box. I added a pickguard (don't flame me, no pun intended). I'm one of the few who prefers this color with the pickguard. Holes were drilled and all. I also changed the tuners to Grover's, added some straplocks, and some historical pointers. I'm not sure how I feel about the knobs -- I do prefer the look of speed knobs personally but I'm going to try these out for awhile. All in all, I'm quite pleased and I was able to get it for less than a standard-spec Traditional.
  5. Hey everyone, I thought I would resurrect this thread instead of starting a new one. Can anyone else add to it? My question is pretty much the same as the OP, with a few additions: 1) I don't have the liberty of trying before I buy the 2014. How do the 1959 Tribute HB's compare to the 57's? I always thought those were a bit underpowered and mushy. 2) How are the necks compared to the 2013's? The 2013's were said to have some of the chunkiest necks in a long time. I don't mind the 50's style necks but the baseball-bat necks are too much. 3) How is the quality, honestly, when compared to a Historic? I know people say that the attention to detail is better on Historics yada yada but is it worth it to get a used Historic over a new 2013 (if I can find one) or 2014? If I get a new Les Paul I will have a warranty. Anything else to add by you all in terms of experiences or just factual differences would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. It's actually gold! That's why if you ever buy pickups, the gold option is more expensive then the chrome option. 24 karat gold if I'm not mistaken. I too like the worn look though. I've been TRYING to wear the gold off my alpine white Studio. How'd you do it?!? I can't get it to happen haha. But seriously don't sweat it (no pun intended). It's just mojo.
  7. Thanks guys! I'm pretty pleased with the results. However, I will need some people to begin smoking cigarettes around it now so that the nitro can age a bit and yellow up the finish.
  8. Its a Norlin so you know how they like to change things up haha but in all honesty I think its a bit easier for access to the upper frets but I may have just gotten used to it. I'm not fond of the current V's construction. Very similar but the subtle changes seem to make all the difference.
  9. Ah don't you dare! It's pretty just the way it is -- especially in the right light. Here's mine, accompanied by a couple of it's friends; it's a '75 though.
  10. Regardless of whether they work well or not, I'd have to say I'm impressed at the number of accurate reproductions they've created, including their paying respects to the likes of Tony Iommi, Angus Young, and Randy Rhoads.
  11. Thank you everyone for all the replies and suggestions! Not sure what font was used or what size, but this is what my trophy shop engraver came up with -- I added a slight bit of gold paint to the engraving myself (idk if you can see it in the picture). What do you think?
  12. This is not blasphemy at all! These are fantastic guitars and IMHO blow all the cheaper Les Paul models out of the water. Build quality is phenomenal, as is the value. But the Les Paul tone isn't there of course...
  13. In it's defense, I think it's more meant to be a studio/recording guitar than anything else. That being said, it still is rather ugly & I think its trying to fill shoes that have already been taken by the Les Paul Studio and a couple pedals.
  14. I'm pretty sure one of Jimmy Page's Standards has gold hardware. Not helping much but there's always a chance! Plus, Gibson has been known to be fairly inconsistent so you may have gotten a special one.
  15. Don't the 2012's have the assymetrical neck profile as well? Unless you're getting a killer deal, I wouldn't say it's worth your while to upgrade. Plus you'll have to deal with all those "new guitar problems" again a.k.a. binding nuts, tuning problems, bridge/stopbar heights, etc. As for your pickup issue, in addition to the dirt mentioned above, check to make sure the soldering was done properly otherwise maybe the pickup wire has come loose. This should also be covered under warranty though if you're the first owner.
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