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  1. I'm pretty sure one of Jimmy Page's Standards has gold hardware. Not helping much but there's always a chance! Plus, Gibson has been known to be fairly inconsistent so you may have gotten a special one.
  2. Anytime rct! It's interesting to here about someone actually trying it out. I've thought about it many times but never really got to the point where I actually felt motivated enough to give it a shot but that's a very interesting account! I think I'm gonna give it a shot in the near future -- btw, Ernie Balls all the way!
  3. Well, here's mine -- I bought it used a little over a month ago, 2007. Not sure if it's chambered or weight-relieved because I know they were doing both in '07 but it's a player regardless! I've since updated the toggle switch and poker chip to brass, the knobs to gold, and the truss rod cover to a blank one but nevertheless...
  4. Well you could boil your strings for 20 minutes like Eddie Van Halen before stringing your guitar up. Don't know if it works but he claims it does.
  5. No problem. And hey, more mojo to it is always good! Might I suggest uncovered pickups in the future?
  6. LOL that's awesome. Also LOVE the guitar itself
  7. Thanx I'd appreciate that..I'm on


  8. The finger lift - I can't seem to avoid that on thin-necked guitars lol on my LP it's reduced but I wouldn't worry. I've been playing for 8 years and it works alright for me.

    Btw...good luck with "Goodbye To Romance". That's BY FAR my favorite Randy solo.

  9. Hello! Thanks for the comment.

    I actually learned the majority of "Crazy Train by watching the YouTube video "Crazy Train Afterhours" which is a recorded practice sesssion w/ Randy.

    I learned most of the fills w/ tabs though. If you're interested I can email them to ya.

  10. Nice cover of Crazy Train..did you learn it from a tab or by ear..? I'd appreciate a tab if you have one ..Just learning Goodbye to Romance solo at the moment. I notice your finger lift is quite high. That's something I'm trying to reduce at the moment in an "attempt" to improve speed. How long have you been playing?

  11. After much thinking, I've officially named her 'Aria Speedwagon'
  12. Gonna be doing a lot of work on her soon but just picked her up three weeks ago:
  13. Wonderful, I'm proud to hear it! Now you have to help me think of a name for mine (a couple posts above).
  14. Everyone say hello to Aria. Or Charlotte. Or Goldilocks. Haven't decided yet...
  15. You all are so creative I guess it's not for everyone haha.
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