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  1. here is what you would be looking for to get into turntablism. 2 turntables (direct drives) i recommend the st(r8) 150s hands down (there are cheaper options tho such as a used stanton t 120. its the same as the st150 just not as many bells and whistles and a different case. i got one for 80 bucks on ebay recently. also ppl will tell you technics are the best when there really not - these people most likely never used the 150's) a mixer (usually a 2 channel for turntablism) if you want to go stanton (i can co sign just for the older ones i haven't used any newer stuff yet) i use an older stanton skf2 at home. its over 10 years old and still works great. also had an sa 3 and really liked it. those both can be found on ebay pretty cheap (usually around or less than $100 but you will want to upgrade eventually). also if you do go used expect to have to replace your cross fader right away. if you don't have to then great, but most of the time used mixers have **** faders you will also need decent needles & head shells. i can recommend the 680v3's or sure m44-7's (you will need 2. one for each turntable) speakers - i have a pair of krk rokit 5 monitors for the house i plug right into the back of my mixer. slip mats (also need 2 but there mostly sold in pairs). you will want to throw the slip mats your turntable away and get better ones. there waaaay too thick (at least mine are) i like "sicmats" for overall skratching beat juggling and mixing. another brans people like are the thudrumble "trip mats". (slipmats tend to be a personal thing for a lot of ppl. its all depending on how they feel for you and what you do the most of) then you have to decide weather you want to use vinyl or a DVS (like traktor or serato). If you do go for a dvs dont cheap out. serato sl 3 or traktor skratch pro 2 (i cheeped out at first and was disappointed by the results) if not then you need MAAAAAAAD wax. start digging. This is by no means a cheap or quick thing to get into. sometimes people out there wake up in the morning and decide they want to get into this, but don't want to put the time patients and $ into getting where they need to be. They get overwhelmed just by looking at the price of gear and either quit or they cheap out and get nowhere with it. DON'T let either happen to you. if you need to save all you can and buy used (im broke so that's what i had to and still do). Last is practice practice practice! every new dj hates hearing it but even the pros still practice constantly. it will most likely take a couple years of having no life cooped up in your bedroom/basement/garage/apt/dorm (where ever your at)doing nothing but learning and practicing until you get good. This also discourages ppl. It looks easy as hell but its far from it. so that being said make sure to clear your calendar. there are maaaaaad tutorials on youtube and the internet. just type in what your trying to learn and start learning. also this forum seems a little quiet (especially for turntablism). i can recommend you to www.skratchlounge.com im on there all the time. everyone's friendly and willing to help anyone with any trouble there having.
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