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  1. Hey man... Thanks a lot... great advice :-)
  2. Yes... indeed... But there's a lot of other sounds that I like a lot... And it will eventually all come down to the type of song played by my band... Cause there will be strong references to CCR, The rolling Stones obviously with our own twist... But what these bands have/had in common was that the electronic devices and computer help there's is today didn't excist back then (I know you know, just pointing out) and still they made music so real and honest both in sound and lyric. especially in the sound of the lead guitar in my opinion... And that's what I'm chasing... and the one guitar that sticks out the most is that of Jimmy Page... My lead guy can play the stones part - he has a '72 telecaster... :-)
  3. I'll say that (as everybody) I'm chasing a sound that (if played on a radio station) makes people think: "Oh that's old school"... A sound that'll break all the computer based songs out now and the last 4-5 years... But knowing what you've heard and saw back in the day (the actual day) is of very high value... What I would'nt do to sit down with a cup of coffee and talk rock in the 60's and 70's with someone who actually was there :-) I'm not a fender guy though... Tried out a gretch which had a good sound but was not that good to play (my opinion). Which neck of the country are we talking about? ps excuse my spelling errors... I'm danish :-)
  4. I think I'll drop the 40th anniversary cause og the p-90's... I would go burstbucker pro but that means buying standard '12 and I dont that amount to spend :-) So maybe the LP 1960 classic custom... It has the '57 classic's... Or a standard '08... (my price range) :)
  5. Thanks for the welcoming :-) Very nice. And I see your point, I should just go down to the store an use a couple of hours... But what did you think in general about the 40th anniverary LP? This is it (danish text but lot of pics...) http://www.4sound.dk/forum/forum_posts.asp?tid=156845
  6. I know that Jimmy Page played standard for the most part... The sound wanted is 70's ish, rough, undisputed...
  7. Hello everyone. I'm Esbjorn from Denmark. I was wondering if I could steal some advice from you guys. I'm gonna buy a Les Paul for a 70's old school rock n roll type of band... But I'm having a hard time figuring out which LP to buy... Standard, Tradish og classic... I've been offered buying rights on a 1991 LP 40th anniversary (only 300 made) - but don't now if it will fit the sound image we look for. It has p-90's on it... But in mint condish... Can anybody help me out? Have a good day/night :-)
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