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  1. Hi folks, I had a 1965 gibson b-25 restored and I love the guitar, how it plays, the tone, one of my favorites, however, the guitar has a musty smell to it. I bought a new hardshell case for it so I can keep the humidity on target, but the smell is still fairly prominent. Any suggestions on how to eliminate the odor. Thanks.
  2. Check prices on eBay, you can sort by sold and look see the actual sale price. It appears that current models are between $1,600-$2,000. Also look at the used guitars at GC for an idea on their selling price. Depending on the year and shape, j45 can be bought between $1,100 to $2,000. Given new prices, I am not sure why anyone wild pay more than $1,500 for a used guitar without a warranty when we can be found under $2,000. IMO
  3. Geez, I guess I am just not that concerned if my repairs take me a couple hundred over the true value of this guitar. The money is not as important to me as the fun of finding this guitar, beat up and abused and bringing it back to life. I know it is not a person, it has no intrinsic value to me other than the joy of fixing it and playing it. Don't care about its actual market price since i have no plans of selling. However, I have seen numerous b25 guitars go between $1,000-1,600 on ebay. So if money was the issue I am sure I would do fine selling it on ebay. As for SWD, no amount of mon
  4. I just posted on the gibson lounge (posted there by mistake) a query about this new j45. I love the looks of the gibson pirate guitar and so I was liking this finish. I like a different look than the standard gibson burst as seen on my advanced jumbo. I love my jumbo burst, but definitely like to see an artist paint with different colors. Now if they could have used a black bridge and fingerboard, I would have been in total love. I know ebony is problematic because of its rare availability to the builders, but I wonder if there are woods that could be used that could take a nice black stain.
  5. Has anyone seen the j45 cobra burst? I saw it at sweetwater website and gibson website, it looks really nice. Anyone seen it in person? I have an advanced jumbo with the standard gibson burst, so a j45 cobra burst would make a nice contrast.
  6. Thanks for the video iwalktheline, the guitar I grabbed did have a nice sound to it, given the broken top brace, and lifting bridge. So I have high hopes for a great guitar when it is done, Chicago fret works is doing a lot of work on the guitar for the $700, a handmade bridge and saddle, bone nut, refret, bridge plate remade, top brace repaired. It is going to take some time before I get it back. Thanks for the kind words on my craziness, I have no intention of selling it and so the value at time of sale is meaningless to me, only the sound of the guitar matters. Now my children may care ab
  7. Hi Bob, after I bought the guitar I contemplated making this my first project guitar. I am still on the fence if i did the right thing taking it in, but its at the shop getting the full works and Chicago fret has a great rep so I am sure they will do a great job. This is all a learning process and my impulse process will take all this in for the next guitar. Next time I will have a game plan all worked out, although when I bought it I did expect $500 in repairs, so I was not completely off. It needed new frets and a nut (getting a bone nut) and that kicked up my estimate. Fingers crossed it
  8. I am not going comment because it will just make my blood boil. Oh shoot, my blood is starting to boil. I'll just leave it as mongo would say, "government bad, people good." Now, back to guitar stuff and hopefully my blood cools off.
  9. Well, I found a beat up gibson b25, plastic bridge (what were they thinking in the 60's, or maybe what were they taking), loose bracing on the top, bridge plate needs help and the frets could use a nice going over. For some reason I thought this was a good ideas when I bought it, maybe felt a little sorry for this neglected gibson, bought it and immediately took it to chicago fret works. Probably $700 in repairs, ouch, but the luthier promised a great sounding guitar when he was done and I have wanted a b25 for some time now. Fingers crossed this turns out well. Any b25 bombers out there wh
  10. Ok, I took the leap of faith and bought a recording king 626 off ebay, I can't wait to play it and I will give you my thoughts and whether its a keeper. The seller had great reviews and sells a lot of guitars, so I am giving a little bit of trust that he knows what he is doing and the guitar will be prime. Thanks for your input because I never would have considered a RK.
  11. It's actually in clanton, Alabama. It is a statue of a peach. I saw the one you were talking about and maybe we will hit that one on our trip. That would be peachy after all. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  12. Shocking how limited the parlor guitars are here in Chicago. GC sells online only apparently. I checked the websites of those who are supposedly dealers and many don't even mention they are recording king or eastman dealers, or if they say they are dealers they don't actually have the guitars in stock. So I will be off to Chicago music exchange who have the RC 06 in stock, I really wanted to try some of the others, but we will see how the 06 sounds. If it meets expectations I will go with that, if not then I may do what I dread and order online, say a novena and hope it sounds good. GC has
  13. I can't find a local shop that carries the eastman parlor guitar. You would think someone in Chicago would carry at least one parlor guitar..... I ifound them on 'bay, but a little weary to buy off the bay without playing one.
  14. As many of you know, I am planning a long trip through the south and so I have a good excuse to add a parlor guitar to my collection. I have played many, but I have not found one that did not sound tinny. Any recommendations on parlor guitars, or plain old smaller body guitars that have a good sound. One other caveat, are there any worthy ones under $800? I bought my daughter a seagull coastal grand, but frankly it also has a tinny sound to it, okay for her age and a beginner guitar, but not for my ears.
  15. I was talking with my guitar teacher last night and we came upon the subject of guitar picks. He uses a really fat pick, but is so talented that he can make it sound light and thin if he wants. We then began a long discussion about picks and the old sea turtle picks, for the most part illegal to buy, and so I begin searching this morning for some picks that may replicate the old sea turtle picks. I came upon a couple of picks others had talked about in forums such as Blue chip and red bear. Now the blue chip picks are mighty expensive, $30-40, and so I wanted to see if any of you have used ei
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