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  1. Does anybody know anything about this guitar? I picked it up at a garage sale. It says Seville model S-37 and there's a second model number too that says S-335. Made in Korea. Thank you.
  2. Does anybody have any knowledge on this kind of guitar? It's says peace music on the headstock and the label inside. I googled it but can't find any info. on it. Here are some pics. Seems to be pretty well built and the turners have that rubber feel to it. The sound isn't too bad either. Thanks!
  3. Folks, thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it. After doing a little research. I emailed Tom Kruszka, an employee at Alvarez (St. Luis Music) and he has confirmed this is an early 70's Dove 5024. Definetly not a Gibson but an Alvarez dove lawsuit copy. Here are some specs I found on it. Not sure if its accurate or not. Mahogany back and sides (stained cherry) with a spruce top. Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with twinparallelogram inlays. Weightis 4 lbs. 12 oz. Nut width is 1 3/4'', Scale is 25 1/8''.
  4. After a closer look, the top appears to be one solid piece. Not bookmatch. (if I'm saying that correctly). I am not an expert by any means but I could tell certain things :). Not sure if it's spuce top or not. The sides and back are probably laminate but I'm not sure about that either. From looking inside the wood is a brownish darker color. Unlike my Fender which is white cheap plywood. The outside finish is more burgandy. Not brown like in the pictures. I have a several acoustic guitars, yamaha, fender, hohner, ibanez, carlos, sunlite, jasmine, rogue and this one sounds somewhat differ
  5. Can someone help identify this guitar? And perhaps share some history. Is this a collectable vintage guitar? I pick it up a flee market a few days ago. The headstock doesn't have a brand marked on it. According to the previous owner the label inside the guitar fell off. I could make out some print inside that has a serial number and looks like it says made in Japan. Thank you. Here are more photos since I can't seem to upload more. Hope this helps. My link My link My link My link My link My link
  6. Just thought I'd share my Gibson Epiphone Orville E0-02 bk. Enjoy! solo shoot here it is compared to my vintage Gibson. They are about the same size as you can see. The butterfly looks real. And here's the top. wow. check out the tuners. are they purdy or what. yes, you can make it electric. And the best part about it. It was free. A gift to my daughter a few years back. I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures.
  7. Does anyone know what kind of madonlin this is? I know it's not a gibson so I hope not to offend anyone by posting it here. I can't get a good view of the sticker inside but it looks like it says Javier or something like that. It's in roman characters so I'm not sure of that. Is this made in Mexico? The holes in front looked like they may have been drilled. But just the same it appears old and seems to be well built. thank you.
  8. Here are more pictures. Let me know if you can see them. thank you.
  9. sorry you can't access my pictures on photobucket. I don't know why. I'll post more pics when I learn how. yes, I found it at goodwill.
  10. I just picked this up yesterday at my local goodwill. It was sitting there and it looked old so I got it. Can someone tell me what it is. It's missing a couple of parts to hold one of the strings and there's a couple of big cracks on the side of the body. However, it still sounds good and the cracks don't appear to affect it. Where can I find parts so I can play it. Also, is this worth anything? I took it to my local guitar shop and the guy working there said it appears to be original and not fake. I pointed out the neck of the guitar because it felt different and he said it had the V ne
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