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  1. Well after research, having people play guitars, holding and inspecting them all. I am sorry to say Epiphone, the ESP LTD EC-256 is my choice.
  2. Thank you for the advice!
  3. Learning towards ESP LTD EC-256 or Epi g-400 faded. Also that Nighthawk is in the back of my head. Tried the LTD, great feel, nice cut-out, and really liked the sound. Don't know much about amps, learning towards the mustang 1 yet. More and more I am listening to music and watching youtube, I like the classic rock and the jazzy sounds. I like my ad/dc, metallica, and kidrock music also, but that jazzy/blues sound is pretty cool when playing guitar.
  4. Pretty impressed with the Nighthawk from the reviews from youtube, but $400 is a bit more than I want to spend starting out.
  5. After researching the Agile copies, I think I will stay away from something I can't physically hold and play. Also the Agile is heavier than the Epi. The semi hollow body guitars are cool and I like the 339, but at those prices, I will look for something less expensive for a starter guitar. I greatly appreciate everyone advice, but this guy has no interest in acoustic, sorry.
  6. I would like to thank you all for the great input. I will see if an old friend of mine has some advice who has played as long as I known him. Also I will have to compare the Agile to Epiphone, and the wilshire I will look into. I do not care to borrow anything from anyone, so that will not be an option. bI have thought of the semi hollow models, will have to check into them and not interested in acoustic at all, not the sound, feel or look. As of right now, I am leaning towards the Epi LP 100 and the Epi LP Studio and will have to grab a SG again and see how it feels again. I am going to keep looking and researching, and hoping to hear more of your input
  7. Hello Gibson Forum Members, I am currently 38 years old and have never played guitar. I had the dream to play guitar like Eddie Van Halen as a child but now as an adult, I just want to learn to play music on the guitar. I have done research on the internet and went to the guitar store with additional questions. After hearing and feeling a number of guitars in my hand. I prefer the Les Paul, the SG a distant second, and don't like the feel or the sound of Fenders (Strat/Tele). Now I like the sound and features on the Mustang I amp also the VOX but the store didnt have one set up, but undecided on my first starter guitar. I was thinking Les Paul 100 but the store steared me towards the Special II, and also was told the SG Special was good also since it has that mid sound. Now I need some advice from the members, which starter guitar and amp?
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