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  1. I bought a 2014 Studio Pro that had a bad static problem. Sent it back to Gibson, they sent me a new one. Same static problem. After a year, traded for a 2016 Traditional. Same problem. I learned you can get about an hour's relief by cleaning the guitar with a good guitar cleaning product, but it comes back. Never had any explanation from Gibson. After talking to a lot of techs and luthiers, I finally decided it's a combination of the nitro finish and the environment. After two years, I still have problems every once in a while but it's definitely going away. It drives you nuts. Great guitar though. Guess that's why I kept it. There's no way Gibson doesn't know about it.
  2. I've had that problem with 3 new Gibsons. It went away after about a year. My personal opinion is it is a combination of the finish, the home environment, the weather and my electric personality. Cleaning the guitar also seems to help temporarily.
  3. I had the same problem with my 2014 Les Paul Studio Pro. After trying everything suggested by folks on the forum and spending a couple of trips to the dealer I ended up sending it to the Gibson factory. They replaced the guitar with no explanation. Same problem with the new one but not as bad. Lived with it a couple of years and eventually discovered that cleaning the guitar frequently pretty much kept the problem in check. A month ago I traded it off for a 2016 LP Traditional T. Guess what. Same problem. Back to the cleaner and learning to live with it. I am convinced it's a combination of various factors starting with the finish and then humidity, room and god knows what else. Having said all that, still love the guitar. Go figure.
  4. mkj

    weight question

    Just picked up a 2016 LP Tradiional which weighs in at a whopping 10.2 Lbs. Love the guitar but made me wonder about the weight differences you see among the same model of Gibson. I've noticed on the Traditional there is quite a variance. Density?? Anybody know ??
  5. I had the same problem with my 2014 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe. Lots of advice, nothing worked. Sent it to Gibson. Got another guitar. Same problem but not as bad. It's been a year and a half. The finish I have is Black Cherry. One tech told me it has to do with the finish process in the guitars. Some have the problem. Most don't. When the static starts building up I use a guitar cleaner and it eliminates the static for a period of time. Learned to live with it.
  6. mkj

    '14 Studio Pro

    Nope, no grain shows through on mine. It's really a nice finish though. Generally I would rather see the grain, but this is nice. Just different. I've noticed that pics of this finish don't do it justice.
  7. mkj

    '14 Studio Pro

    I've had one since May. Thought it was black when I saw it in the shop. It's not until light hits it that you really notice the Black Cherry Pearl finish. I love the pickup combination.
  8. Yeah, great shop. I've dealt with Brian for years. He's the best I've worked with.
  9. Well, here's the verdict. Got it home, plugged it in and although the static is still noticeable, the work made a huge difference. Still don't know what's causing it but it's manageable now. I love the guitar otherwise so I'll keep trying to figure it out.
  10. Well, I took the LP in to the shop where I bought it. Fortunately, they are an authorized Gibson repair. The tech was able to duplicate the problem. There was another Studio Pro in the shop with a similar finish and it had no static. The tech filed and polished the fret ends, cleaned all the pots and switch, checked all connections and added an additional ground wire. He thought having a ground wire soldered to the pot would help. He also used a dryer sheet to clean the control cavities and said he could hear the charge releasing as he did that. The shop is an hour and a half away so I am picking it up today and will post later. The tech says its 90% better. I've known this guy for a long time and trust his opinion. The cause is still a mystery. Touching the back of the neck eventually builds up a charge. Don't know why. Enough people have experienced this that it's hard for me to believe that Gibson is not aware of it. I will post later today after I get it home. Thanks for all of your help.
  11. Thanks to all for the help. I'm going to take it in next week. I'll post the result. I've been looking at this topic on the forum and the problem seems to have been around for awhile with no definitive answer.
  12. Well, so much for the humidity theory. The Static Guard in the case turned out to be a failed experiment as well. I have discovered that I can control the volume of the static by placing my right hand on the bridge or stopbar. Maybe I'll just learn to control it, and hope it eventually goes away because no one seems to know what causes it or what to do about it. Still a great guitar though.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the responses. A couple of interesting developments here. I tried spraying Static Guard in the case. It made some difference but not dramatic. However, I checked the humidity yesterday and it was around 37%. This morning it's 83%. Huge difference. Still a little static but really not much. I'm going to continue the Static Guard also. Just as a side note, the only place I didn't hear the static was when I touched the pickguard. Go figure. Kansas is a strange place to live sometimes.
  14. I live in Kansas. I appreciate the feedback. I don't have the problem with any of my other guitars. Tried it with two separate tube amps. It's just weird. The guitar is worth the weirdness though.
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