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  1. Did you do a serial number search? Check the site Reverb.com. . There seems to be an influx of MIJ Gibsons most are not cheap for the MIJ market ..the serial number if MIJ will have Japanese characters if Nashville plant serial number will confirm run & specs
  2. WON lifetime Acheivment GRAMMY AWARD

    1. BR TOAD

      BR TOAD

      IN 2015 we won the lifetime Achievement GRAMMY both LARAS & NARAS for 30 years of producing and musician ship *)O(*

  3. We won a Grammy achievement award this year for 30 years of service preserving American Roots Music ,Engineering,Musicianship & Producing.. as well as the MUDDY WATERS SILK BAG MOJO AWARD only 12 given out Billy Gibbons won the guitar we other 11 won the silk Bag with Muddy parts of home and guitar as well as our initails n it

  4. IT appears to be a 60's or later Custom Burst AMP is a Fender Vibrolux This is the best I can tell as It is very difficult to know it this was synced to a different recording or if they used the live sound *)O(*
  5. Please do not do more then oil fret board as for strings I want my tech to set up the guitar and oil the fret board etc if I am going to purchase that is what I would want if you put new tension on neck with new strings and there is a problem you could devalue the guitar... it looks good and as a player I would want my tech to go over and set up the guitar.. but there are people that clean the patins from pistols or reblue or refinish all of this takes away value...*) 0 (*.. I have been doing this since 1964 google me...
  6. As a player as well as collector of playing guitars don't do anything post several 360 degree pictures I would like to see it but don't do any restoration *) 0 (* b
  7. I am a big fan of the FULLTONE which one is up to you however the product is well made engineered and I have enjoyed some very costly custom shop gear from them and think they have been worth every penny.. Right now I would think as far as if you like the feel and intonation then stick with either FULLTONE *)O(*
  8. ENjoying recording in Austin Great sound at 12th Street

  9. Tall Cotton Productions in the Studio: Part 2

    August 29, 2014american roots and historial music, article, in studio, music, music article, Newsletter, record label, Studio News, Tall Cotton Productions#studionews, #tallcottonproductions, find, newsletter, post, read, search, Studio News

    Studio News

    Tall Cotton Productions in the Studio: Part 2

    Greetings all!...

  10. Studio News

    Tall Cotton Productions gets started in NYC

    We are officially in the studio in New York with Fingers DelRey! Recording engineer Todd Hemleb of Pyramid Recording Studios is joining forces with producer Barry Shankman to kickstart the blues choir engine, and put the pedal to the metal! We’ve assembled a fine group of talented musicians who all sound amazi...

  11. Form the condition I would not pay more then $18oo to $2100 and that is more then it is worth several LP's got destroyed in the Nashville flood causing glue damage finish chipping and loss and parts that removed and added to fakes to make them look like originals while in NYC these last several weeks I found some great Vintage shops with some excellent guitars at reasonable prices DO NOT JUMP on this pony you will get bucked off and loose DOES IT HAVE THE ORIGINAL HSC if not walk RUN get away ASAP
  12. I have attached an article that will give you a basic rundown on all the Gibson LP neck profiles etc.. I prefer for Rhythm work and slide the 60's slimmer nect as I have smaller hands and like the reach with a Bottle neck as well as the ability to play a lead rhythm.. on the lead and studio side I like the thicker older LP neck and really like my 54 es 140 neck profile http://www.musicians...ages/les-paulMy link
  13. Might I suggest that if you truly wish to add a pick guard find a Vintage Guitar shop near your location and see who they recomend as a well trained a craftsman and luthier I would only trust my guitar with an experienced craftsman to add your pick-guard you can get Factory made kits for him to install.. make sure to see his work first before you have anything done.. I travel over 2 hours to my TECH to have my guitars restrung andd setup not to mention other work I have him do.. IF you you wish I have emailed you off forum ad would be happy to try and help you find someone in your area.. *)O(*b
  14. thanks for the Friend connection *)o(*b

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