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  1. Wow, that was really a fun song to hear! Nicely done. I really want to get a grip on GarageBand so my son and I can put some stuff together. He's a drummer and we have a few songs were trying to put down, just having a hard time with the recording patiance!
  2. I just put the K&K mini with volume control in my new j-45 TV...sounds amazing. I actually like playing it amped more! The volume control seems to act a bit like tone control too, kind of nice.
  3. Oh by the way, does that peppery mahogany smell account for anything?...I love this guitar :)
  4. I know about the pick guard...guess I resigned myself to the F&ck$d up Gibson way of placement of them. Sound is what matters eh, I even thought of holding off for a 2014 as it appears they keep the pick guard as a side dish, but I had a bird in the hand...May have it pulled and re-mount down the road if it bugs me too much.
  5. ok this guitar is phenomenal! great tone and the neck just keeps me wanting to play and play...really, It feels like it might be a bit shorter in scale and has a great thickness. I love the burst as it has a more wood tone in the middle. also it's light as a feather.
  6. Wow is all I can say. This will be replacing my j-45 PureVoice. I loved the PV but have found that I'm into thicker necks now and the TV just feels right!
  7. Thanks everyone, The es330 is just amazing. So glad to add this to the family. Love the neck size as it's very close to my LP 58, justa tad slimmer towards the body maybe. I now feel the neck on the J-45 PV may be a bit too slim. time will tell.
  8. Wow... Santa was great! 2012 es-330 to hang with the 58r Les Paul and the J-45 pure voice. Think all my bases are covered:)
  9. I just bought a R8 from my local dealer, Tall Toads Music Petaluma Ca. after looking at the Gibson web site I'm having a hard time breaking down my SN# it's (8 9576)I'm guessing it's R8 957run and the six has me puzzled? I thought the last diggit represented the model year, 1958? Thanks for any info, I love the guitar!
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