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  1. The current incarnation of the Baby Will pcb is much quieter than the original one I built up. I'm sure you'll love it. For the preamp, 1/2 watt resistors are the bare minimum rating required for the job, so if you can find 1/2w metal film resistors, those will do. However, I generally use 1w carbon film resistors in the preamp and they're plenty quiet. I wouldn't recommend a 1/2w carbon composition resistor anywhere but the PI plate resistors. It's a signal to noise ratio thing; so those CC's will be pretty hissy if you use 'em on the input tube's plates. Use only Metal Oxide (flam
  2. He's trying to tell you that the amp will work fine with the simple addition of a parallel speaker jack. The combo speaker will still be working, but your bigger 16ohm cab will fill what your missing from that alone. If this still isn't good enough, try a Hammond 125CSE or 125DS so you'll have access to dedicated 4, 8, and 16ohm taps. Or, go for the MPS SE OT if you want to save some bucks. Swapping an OT is probably one of the easiest mods. You can just use simple crimp-type wire connectors and hook the new OT up to the original wiring harness if you're too lazy to solder. Ju
  3. Yeah, the ZVex Nano ain't cheep, but it sure is a sweet little critter with those sub-mini 6021 tubes. The tone is very detailed with all the fatness and sparkle you could ever want, plus totally touch sensitive response to picking dynamics, and a truly massive distortion. And since they run on 12vDC, they're indispensable when the power goes out. But even at 1/2 watt, I'd still have to say they're pretty loud. With an inefficient Jensen P10r behind the back seat of my car, the Nano will easily keep up with the car stereo cranked to 11 while I'm jamming away in the front seat. For
  4. Even a 5 watt tube amp cranked up where the power tube's singing the sweetest will still be get-you-into-trouble kinda loud in a house or apartment. Unfortunately, few 5 watters have multiple channels, much less a truly flexible tone, for that matter. If the Valve Senior has the tones you want, hang on to it, and get a good speaker attenuator or something to soak up the extra power you don't need. Even with a 5 watt amp, you may still find yourself in need of speaker attenuation. Here's something to mull over. The Lady Luck is a fairly efficient speaker that holds its own agai
  5. Okay, so check these out. http://www.buildyourownclone.com/index1.html You can't actually try these either, till you buy 'em and build 'em; but at least they have some sound clips posted. Got a couple of their reverb pedal kits on the way that I get to build for a friend. Should be here Monday, so we'll see how it goes and I'll get back to you whether they're worth messing with. Plenty of cheaper options. Gil...
  6. A 30w speaker might sound better with the lower wattage head, but I'd be concerned that only the baffle board of the Kustom speaker cab is plywood. I've got a Kustom BA30 combo cab (maybe 10 years old) that's made the same way (particle board), and it's starting to fall apart in this Florida humidity. Same with a 20 year old pair of particle board Jensen home stereo speakers up in my attic. YUK! The VJr's birch plywood extension cab is a much better option, even if it does cost a little more. Gil...
  7. Just when you thought it was safe to crawl out of from under the bench... Here we go again! http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kustom-The-Defender-5W-Class-A-Guitar-Amp-Head?sku=423624&CJAID=10381297&CJPID=2490065 Gil...
  8. Another fine Epi product ... lost at sea on its way from China perhaps? I've never actually seen an Epi-FX pedal either. But I still have the footswitch pedals from a couple of VStandard's. If I build a fuzz into 'em, would that count? Gil...
  9. A VVR for $30 is actually cheaper than many overdrive pedals! http://www.hallamplification.com/main.html?src=%2F#2,2 Gil...
  10. Thanks. It's starting to sound more like a proper guitar amp should now that it's got like 36 hours burn-in time on it and the new speaker cone cry isn't so bad; so I took it out for a jam at a friend's house tonight. It blew him away and left his Orange AD15 (w/Tone Tubby) in the dust. And I used to be totally in love with that AD15. Even the insides of this thing makes Orange's immaculate guts look like plain old vanilla. No surprise really. But the cab's the key to it all I guess, cuz this puppy's got rare tone! Gil...
  11. I'd advise you to buy it. It'll be hard to beat that price, and the tone's good! Most all modern manufactured tube amps eat tubes these days. I think they're designed to be like that so tube manufacturers won't think we don't need 'em anymore and close shop. But that issue can SO easily be fixed in the VJr. Best of all, it can open up a whole new world of opportunities precisely because they're easy to learn how to mod. The tough part is cracking the case open; although it sounds like you've already got that issue beat. Fair warning though. Modding can be HIGHLY addictive. And once
  12. Simple matter of economics and tone. Try the reverb before you buy one. If you're looking for an amp to trash with a zillion mods and rebuild with a turretboard so you can do it all over again, the VJr is very hard to beat. If you give up, it's better to have destroyed a $100 amp than a $300 amp. Besides, for $300, an amp shouldn't have to need mods just to sound decent; not when there are so many others that do sound great for that kind of money! Sometimes the corporate bigwigs just don't get it. BC30's do sound pretty good right out the gate. Only a few rare folks are bu
  13. Found the Jet City website after I posted that. http://www.jetcityamplification.com/amplifiers/ Yep. Looks like Mikey's involved big time. Just from the look of it, I'd have to say it definitely raises the bar for Chinese manufactured amps. If I had one that I just had to mod, I'd probably start with a few 1/2w carbon comp preamp plate resistors to thicken up the tone a bit with some extra 2nd order harmonics. But only if it needed it. Might not! Gil...
  14. HNAD! And congrats! No shame in good tone, ya know; regardless of the price of the wrapper. Have you seen my Savage Croaker? :-s Metal film resistors even. Impressive! And it's a Soldano design, too? Hey Mikey! You've been robbed again! Something tells me this puppy may not need much, if anything! But tell your buddy we're definitely gonna need to see a quicky schematic of this one anyway before we muck this place up with too much drool and slobber! Gil...
  15. Sure Brian. To the left of the Dom is the 18watt Marshall clone I built last year with GDS iron and Reason/StageCrafter cabs. It's got a Celestion Heritage G12H-30 up top in the combo, and Heritage G12M in the closed-back bottom cab. I just recently moved that one to the corner where it sits now cuz the RFI noise at the other end of the room is so much worse. Here's a better shot of the pile of cabs in the background before I moved the Marshall into the corner and bought the Dominator. http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u103/cgil155/CroakerAndTwins.jpg The bottom two gray Marshall
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