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  1. Can I put a graph tech nut on the jr is it a major mod to do that . I kind of like the jr because it different and has that vintage old sound Thanks
  2. John frusciante For me . This guy can play anything...
  3. Help please I need help deciding between the 2015 les Paul jr Or the 2017 les Paul tribute t . Between those two guitars please don't Say to get a different guitar I need solid reasons why one is better than the other I like and played both and having trouble deciding. I don't play any Specific music I like to try all types and I am a beginner to intermediate Player. Am older. And want to start guitar lessons. I have both guitars on hold I do also have a fender strat. So I want a Gibson . Thanks for any insight. Ok let me re-Phrase it any one find any issues with either one? Or have any experience with either one they would like to share Bongo
  4. Hi I'm looking to get a 2015 Les Paul Jr but I'm not sure if I should stay clear of the 2015s it seems the guitar stores in my area Have all 2015s lying around . Can't sell them. Are they really that bad. I played one and it didn't seem to bad. I really want the Jr or Jr dlb cut But there hard to come by.. I found one 2015 in tv yellow that I have on hold How often does Gibson put these out? Thanks Bongo
  5. I all does anyone know if I can replace a brass zero nut with a normal nut. And how will that effect the lower frets and everything else. Or should I just get the titanium nut from Gibson Thanks Bongo
  6. Wanted to hate it but bought the 2014 sg with mini tune and have become So use to it that when I pick up my other guitars I wish they had it. A couple of light strums and done that's the trick. And I wanted to hate it. its just so accommodating even when I play the guitar without a amp Just to practice I don't need a cord and tuner . Anyone else have same experience ? I'm now looking for a 2014 les Paul With mini tune Bongofury
  7. Wow didn't know my last thread on Les Paul sig and hologram would get that response. I was just wonder way all these changes for 2015 they use to offer so many more guitar options. I know or have heard les Paul so keep him on the les paul. Not sg . I don't want to play AC/DC and have les smiling at me!!!! (Humor) Info help please. New to all of this . I was a Drummer. ( No bad drummer jokes please. Ok just a few!!!) 1--question. Who's this new guy running Gibson??? Is he new? 2--less option in 2015 is it to build more value?? 3-- Gforce . Poor business investment ? So they have to get rid of them so FORCE them on us ( get it GForce ) 4--business plan ?change everything then go back say buy new retro vintage models .make more money?? 5-- why the huge price increase??? Any other info or tid bits would be appreciated to get me up to speed on all this Thanks Bongofury
  8. I just had to chime in here . I've Been a Social D fan for years now . Saw a video on mtv or something years ago And have loved them ever since . Have all there music . You have to see the documentary on them when young and how they got started Lots of hard work. I've seen them in concert several times , great really raw. one of my favourite bands I was just trying to Learn some of there riffs on you tube the other day . Ness plays great Gibson guitars. Gold tops with p90s. I think Good listening guys Cheers Bongofury
  9. É tune is mini tune they just put E tune on the Truss rod cover plate to advertise it. The new one on 2015 is called Gforce it's supposed to be improved I have mini tune( Etune ) on my 14 and it's not the greatest working Device good thing is it can be taken off and proper tuners can Be put on without any damage to guitar. I can tune faster and more accurate With my hand held tuner believe it or not?? Sometimes it goes nuts then it takes Twice as long to re tune . But other than that the 14 is one of the best sg's made
  10. All cool keep em coming . I think I'm going to Name all mine.
  11. In the two you listed one says dent an scratch that's why Price difference between the two. But still for a 2014 you should only pay from 1,499 to 1,699. Good luck . Let us know what you decided and why.
  12. I can only tell you my experience . I tried them all the 2013 the 61 the 120 the 2014and 15. I went with the 2014. I will explain . And this is my second Sg . 2013 is based on 61 reissue. Slim neck nibs on fret board 57 pups nice guitar. But for me the 14 offered more had fret over binding Graph tech nut coil tap for more sounds slim neck and Mini tune 120inlay. Fit and finish outstanding on mine got lucky!!! The 15 big thick neck and wider .zero nut that makes Strings ping a bit and very low frets might buzz a lot I also didn't want les Paul's name or pic on my sg. But again I took advice of members and played them All you have to find what's right for u I took a month and kept going back and forth to all the shops. Not sure what direction gibson is going and prices Went through the roof so get one now. Hope that helps a bit. Most important go play them . Bongofury
  13. Just curious how many people give A name or slogan to there guitars . I Was thinking of coming up with some Names for my guitars. I know a lot of rock stars name there axes. What did u call your guitar ? Bongofury
  14. Here's a pic from store... I know you all seen it before ..some how it makes us feel good to put are guitars Up...rock on Bongofury
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