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  1. Op, I see you’re pulling the same shenanigans over here as MLP. Have been using pictures of other people’s gear again?
  2. Facebook..... Need more pictures of the whole guitar Was this guitar bought from GC/MF/AMS/Music123?
  3. Lol We investigated ourselves and have determined we’ve done nothing wrong
  4. I see that Op ignored my previous advice to switch to decaf
  5. Get the R9. And gig it! That’s what they are made for. I went through a PRS phase after I bought my R9. Guess which guitar is still in the stable.
  6. I don’t mind the color but that burst pattern is gross
  7. FennRx


    Saw the thread title and thought you had a new STD
  8. His wife made some interesting tweets before deleting them
  9. At least I didn't taken for a ride price wise. Lol Probably cost him money due to the fees. I played a couple of these back when they were new and regret not buying one during the Black Friday deals. They are cheap as hell relative to normal LPs, but if Gibson does one thing right, it's p90s. I should have never sold my bfg so hopefully this will do the trick
  10. Yeah I wouldn't think someone would fake one of these lol I ended up buying it in eBay for $325
  11. He said he's the original owner and it came with the dots. It has the 2014 model stamp on the back of the headstock
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