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  1. It’s a Historic reissue SG?
  2. Op, I see you’re pulling the same shenanigans over here as MLP. Have been using pictures of other people’s gear again?
  3. Facebook..... Need more pictures of the whole guitar Was this guitar bought from GC/MF/AMS/Music123?
  4. Lol We investigated ourselves and have determined we’ve done nothing wrong
  5. I see that Op ignored my previous advice to switch to decaf
  6. Get the R9. And gig it! That’s what they are made for. I went through a PRS phase after I bought my R9. Guess which guitar is still in the stable.
  7. I don’t mind the color but that burst pattern is gross
  8. Op needs to switch to decaf
  9. FennRx


    Saw the thread title and thought you had a new STD
  10. His wife made some interesting tweets before deleting them
  11. At least I didn't taken for a ride price wise. Lol Probably cost him money due to the fees. I played a couple of these back when they were new and regret not buying one during the Black Friday deals. They are cheap as hell relative to normal LPs, but if Gibson does one thing right, it's p90s. I should have never sold my bfg so hopefully this will do the trick
  12. Yeah I wouldn't think someone would fake one of these lol I ended up buying it in eBay for $325
  13. He said he's the original owner and it came with the dots. It has the 2014 model stamp on the back of the headstock
  14. Thinking about pulling the trigger on a14 LPMM. Only thing that throws me is that it has dots instead of the 120th anniversary fret inlay. https://i.imgur.com/cHV42B0.png
  15. Maybe not the student, but definitely the graduate
  16. Is this place still up and running? Been a while since I came around. Any old farts still here?
  17. there's a reason people were routing out their gibsons in the 70s and installing HBs. I played a new 2015 Deluxe yesterday and now I know why. Wimpy. Wimpy. Wimpy. Even with the boost engaged I found them lacking. Regular HBs or p90s for me.
  18. Multiple people have actually given money to this? lmfao
  19. FennRx


    Ryan, it's all good. I am aware that many products, such as stomp boxes, are often not priced anywhere near the cost of the labor and components. It is what it is. So tell me more about your builds....mostly OD? Do any Fuzz or other effects? I might be interested.....
  20. FennRx


    thank you for making this a thread about other pedals and how cheaply you can make them
  21. buy a used Gibson and be done with it. Used Classics for $1200-1400. Used Traditionals for $1400-1600. Or go big and keep your eyes peeled for a used Historic R7/R8/G0 in the $2000-2200 range.
  22. FennRx


    It's pretty much two OD pedals in one. The left side is "clean" and the right is "gain." Each side has a volume, tone and drive pot. On the inside of the pedal are four switches that allow you to set each channel as clean, OD or distortion. I elected to have the extra gain option added to the right channel. Lots of combinations to be had. I love the EP Boost. I pretty much leave it on all the time except when rolling back for clean(ish) tones. I love the way it make my Marshall growl.
  23. FennRx


    Anybody have one of these mofos? Long long wait time for sure. Finally arrived today. I really only messed with the Yellow channel. Pretty nice clean boost.
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