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  1. There is a 2008 Custom shop Flying V with custom branded Gibson HSC for sale locally. I can not find one on any site. It looks to be metallic red and looks very similar to a robot V. But... it only has only 2 knobs so it cant be a robot? The input and selector switch are in the locations of a same year robot but the 2008 robots I have seen have 3 (volume/tone/tuning) knobs?? I am wondering if it is a Chibson in a custom shop case? Can anyone confirm or deny if one was made or could it be a custom ordered V? Thanks.
  2. Just saw him again in Albany NY (which is only an hour and a half from his home in Utica NY, his mom and dad and fam were in the front row)) He was playing in local Albany bars in his early days minutes from my house,It is always incredible to see the transition from him humping his own gear in and out of Pauly's Hotel back then, to the production he now puts together. 2 custom painted brand new big rigs for hauling gear as well as 4 custom fully decked out tour buses. But sadly with age/time he is certainly changing his rep since the beginning to the present tour that is geared more toward t
  3. I was wondering what the difference is between the LP Classics that say "Classic" at the end of Les' signature on the headstock and the ones that say "Model" at the end of Les' signature? Mine is a 96 and has the "Classic" label. Also did any come from the factory with pointers under the V/T top hat knobs? Ya know for location reference? Thanks for your help.
  4. This must be a topic thats been rubbed into the ground ... but I can't find a topic like it so... I have 4 Gibbys with the green/deluxe Gibby tuners and 2 that have Grovers , the 2 with the Grovers stay in tune way better than the Gibson tuners,, I string all the guitars the same way and with the same gauge/brand D'addario strings , anyone have any input ??
  5. Thanks very much for your help, Ron
  6. I think the third letter is actually a number?? I think its a 5 not an S making it LP5THSNH1, does this indicate a 50's neck profile??
  7. I have just picked up a Les Paul that says model no.LPSTHSNH1 on the Gibbson pre-pack checklist,,,,it has a 9 digit serial number with the first and fith being 0 and 8 which I assume means its a 2008 standard but what does the HSNH1 mean?? I am pretty sure its herritage sun burst finish but I think it may be a plus top due to the wild flame on it, although it is way more noticeable depending on your angle of view,,, thanks for any help,, I will try to add pics Ron
  8. I have tried to add a pic by clickin the mountains but it doesn't let me browse my pics?? can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
  9. Thanks, yeah it has killer looks and incredible features, the real Floyd Rose keeps it in tune no matter how hard/often you dive. The 81 and 85 EMG's are feirce, I LOVE the flat/satin finish on the neck,This is without a doubt the best quality Epi I have ever seen or played and the OHSC is built to last as well, I only wish my Gibby Explorer Pro had its features,,,,,but the Gibby is my baby and always will be, I will try to put up some pics,, I guess it is probably $300 - $400 to ship something this size to NZ?? I don't think you can find one new anymore ,, but I think they sold for $850 or
  10. Can anyone tell me how many Marcus Henderson Custom Shop Apparition explorers were made and when??I have one I picked up and I love all the features ,it is 99.999% unplayed,, I think its a keeper. thanks for any/all help, Ron
  11. thanks to all once again, this is a great resource. I don't know if it is a cherry cause it has no red tint at all in it,,,it looks to be the same color as my friends Gibby rootbeer LP, the pic I put up is not a very good example in that it makes it look to light , well it's on ebay as I write this, thanks again to all, Ron
  12. thanks for everyones help, I believe it is an 05 , I saw MF's ad this mornig for the $100 price drop on most Epi's, figures just when i bring myself to sell mine LOL. But this color is very rare and I think it should do fine on e-bay, again thanks everyone, Ron
  13. I am planning on selling this soon and want to Know if it is indeed a plus top,,, I was told that rootbeer was never an option for plus tops.?? I am pretty sure there is way too much flame in the top for it not to be a plus. ??thanks for any/all input. Ron http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/1107/20030101epi0001.jpg
  14. I can't figure out how to put pics on a post ?? plese help, thanks
  15. Thank you to all who had helpful tips/ideas,,, and to the few who were bored and seemingly bothered by my post,I am sorry to offend you w/my novice question,,,,I am humbled by your infinite wisdom,, again thank you
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