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  1. Hey all. Just picked up an SG standard. Originally I thought I was going to get a Bigsby B5 with a vibramate, but now I'm wondering what other options I have for a tremolo arm. Have you installed a trem arm on your SG? How do you like it?
  2. ahh thats the one. Thanks a lot I did a lot of research and couldn't find much. That red is beautiful.
  3. I'm seriously considering checking out this used Les Paul. It is a Les Paul traditional selling at an incredible price. Thing that makes me weary is that it's ebony with satin/faded finish. The no lacquer style. I can't seem to find other Les Paul traditional's with the faded ebony finish or any Les Pauls for that matter. Serial # is 113220320. Legit?
  4. I don't know I actually like the sound of this pickup.
  5. No bud! The Gibson website says it's a 491t ceramic. I know installing a pickup cover is easy but I've heard some pickups need to be wax potted and also the pickguard it's installed on is extremely tight I don't know if there is enough clearance for the extra size around the pickup the cover will add.
  6. 2005 Les Paul Std Faded. Looking kinda rough in this picture I know. The missing reflector nob and broken string have been replaced.
  7. Now I remember why I used to come here so much a few years back. SO much guitar porn! Nice R9 bud!
  8. Hey all. I'm a proud owner of a 2005 Les Paul Std and a brand new 2011 Les Paul Melody Maker. Anyways I was just thinking of putting a cover on the pickup. Does anyone have any experience with putting a cover on one of the new 2011 Melody Makers? It just doesn't seem like there is enough room in the hole cut out in the pickguard. Also it's a ceramic 491t would it have to be wax potted? Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm okay with modding this guitar a bit. Is there anything else? I'm not much a fan of the Stetsbar.
  10. Hello all. I've got an 1981 Gibson Sonex 180 deluxe Les Paul. I want to add a tremolo arm system of some sorts. Not a Bigsby as I've got a Les Paul with one already. Something more extreme but not screamometal,brutalzz diveb0mbzzz, with 19013484 screws and buttons type of extreme. I don't want make any more cavity's or anything but I'm fine with making more screw holes. I just want something a bit more dynamic than the subtle vibrato of a bigsby but don't want to completely hack up my guitar and have this big complicated hunk of metal for a bridge that makes string changes a biotch. I'm completely out of the loop for guitar mods such as this so I would like some advice as to what is good out there!
  11. So I'm getting this for my 05' Les Paul standard. But the slots for the strings to rest in are not pre cut. How do you go about cutting the slots exactly? Is there a special tool? Or can you just use a knife or something?
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