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  1. Patient: EJ-200 Artist Problem: Sting Buzz I bought this guitar at Guitar Center, and a few weeks after bringing it home the strings starting buzzing. I brought it back and they adjusted it, and it's been fine for quite a while, but now it's buzzing again. Mainly the E/A/D strings, 3rd through 9th frets. I want to adjust it myself, and just need to know which direction to turn the truss rod screw (I know: a little at a time). If I'm looking at the adjustment tool from the head towards the bridge, do I turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise? I've been trying to figure in my head whether it should be tightened or loosened, and which way to turn it, but this old brain is having none of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And this guitar sounds beautiful. It's the best $200 I've ever spent. Thank you and rock on.
  2. Thanks for all the tips. You guys are awesome. It's a new (2012) SG Special 70's Tribute. Just put new Ernie Ball Cobalts on it (10-13-17-26-36-46). Factory setup. Fender AG-6 tuner - the weak link? (can't afford the Peterson 5000!). Is the Gibson factory setup acceptable, or should I get another one done. Can anyone recommend a good 'luthier' in the Berkeley, California area? And a better, affordable tuner?
  3. Is setting the intonation supposed to be so excruciating and tedious? I spent HOURS tuning, adjusting, tuning, adjusting, tuning, adjusting, tuning, adjusting. FINALLY got everything looking good, but checked it again the next day and some of the strings were out. So it was the same process again. Then checked it again the next day, and different strings were out. And I have one string (A) that is just a c*nt and will not stay in proper intonation. So, is this normal, or is God punishing me for the rock & roll?
  4. Thanks for hooking me up with Betty Casino!

  5. Your profile photo of the girl holding the guitar in black & white is awesome. Highly erotic and yet innocent. I must have it. Where can I find it?

  6. clarkuss: Your profile photo is awesome. I find it both incredibly erotic and innocent. Where can I get it?
  7. There are just too many effects pedals to try, and not enough time to try them all. Even watching the demo videos on Youtube is exhausting. So, if you can help out with a recommendation on which one to get - may the rock gods bless you! Chorus - Looking for the sound such as on "Given To Fly" by Pearl Jam. Distortion - Looking for the sound such as on "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit. Reverb - Clean, nice range. Volume pedal - Smooth, inexpensive. Tuner - Accurate, inexpensive. Board to put them on. Isn't music f**king beautiful? Thanks, and rock on.
  8. bashea

    Stomp Boxes

    I'm actually a drummer, but because of neighbors had to find a secondary musical outlet, and guitar it was. I've been playing acoustics, but have now gone to the dark side with a Gibson SG Special 70's Tribute and a Vox AD50VT, an affordable hybrid with various effects and amp emulations (of course, hearing someone play an EVH 5150 III at Guitar Center has that destined for Craigslist). But, how in the world do you decide on your stomp boxes when there are so many out there by so many companies that do so many things? My list already includes chorus, delay, and reverb. The Xotic EP Booster seems like a must-have. But then there's flangers, phase shifters, compression, overdrive, fuzz, tremolo, loopers, wah-wah, and EQ, and then the multi-effects pedals. There's a thousand distortion boxes - and shouldn't that come from the amp? And could someone explain the difference between "crunch" and "distortion"? Apparently there is! How do you guys figure all this s**t out? I'm thinking heroin might be a cheaper addiction. Rock on. P.S. - Strings?
  9. bashea

    New sg

    Alan - You're absolutely right. Washing your hands before you play is such a simple but effective way to preserve your strings, finish, hardware, etc. And thanks for that link on changing your strings. I just resolved a problem I always have.
  10. Thanks, Johnny & Vox. Fedex hasn't shown up with it yet, but I'm pretty jazzed. My first SG. Hell, my first Gibson. Hope it sounds good through my Vox AD50VT! At the factory do they set up EVERYTHING? Neck, pickups, bridge, intonation? Also, at Guitar Center the sales dude was playing the SG with the volume knobs all the way up, and adjusted the volume level at the amp. Is this the way it's done? (remember, I'm a drummer).
  11. Because I just ordered one. I'm actually a drummer, but because of the neighbors started playing guitar. Getting an SG was always a dream of mine (thanks, Alice Cooper), but they were too expensive. The other day while picking up some drumsticks at Guitar Center I played the SG Special 70's Tribute. It felt good, sounded good through an EVH 5150 (but what wouldn't, right?), and at $720 was closer to affordable. But they only had the vintage sunburst, and I wanted ebony. Some Internet shopping found one at Sam Ash for $499 (discontinued closeout). No tax. Free ground shipping. So, any opinions on or tips for this guitar would be appreciated (or a simple "You did the right thing, bro"). I mean, I know the "theory" behind humbuckers vs single coils, Alnico II vs Alnico V magnets, mahogany vs maple, set neck vs bolt-on, but I've never had the chance to HEAR the differences. And I have no idea what the differences are between all the Gibson humbuckers. Also, are Gibson's ready to play from the factory? Or will I need to take it to a guitar tech for a setup? (Anyone know a good one in the San Francisco east bay area?). Thanks and...Rock on.
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