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  1. Yeppers.... I contacted the seller and he said amonst all the case candy I would find the strap locks... They look like a flying saucer...
  2. So the fffffFender arrived and I changed the strings and gave everything a good cleaning and polish... I'm a little paranoid these days, especially when other hands have been all over it. The guitar is in prestine condition, and it plays pretty good... I'm having a time figuring out whats up with the lack of strap buttons... theres only a chrome hole / bushing. ... It kinda has a 63 Jimi vide or Jeff Beck vibe to it.... overall for the price I'm contenet.
  3. Hmmm.... I figure they can't be as bad as those awful low flat frets on Gibsons in the 70's..... Whoever was the fret dresser back in those days, they should have hid all his or her files. I've refretted all my 70's Gibsons.
  4. We didnt have a bully issue (only one incident). There were five of my sibblings that all went to elementary school at the same time (4 boys and 1 girl) so nobody gave a second thought about creating problems with us. My oldest brother was a straight cholo gang member throughout the latter part of elementary and junior high, so even the notorious of bullys stayed away exccept for one incident. He pushed my sister off the swings and broke her arm. Basically my brother and his cholo buddies blackened both his eyes and knocked out his front teeth and cut open his lip pretty bad. When he fina
  5. When I was rehearsing and gigging regularly, I'd changed my string every week. It wasnt so much for the tone but more for tuning stability. Basically I was changing strings on four different guitars
  6. Recieved my second Phizer last week and it kicked my *** pretty good for the whole day. Super tired and one of the most horrible headaches I've ever had. But the next day all was good.
  7. Ugh.... My hands have had enough problems with all hand sanitizer I've been using over the last 14 months. I'll see if I can find some shorter saddle adjustmunt screws..... I'm sure there has to be an aftermarket solution for this somewhere on the interwebs
  8. The bigger headstock does look a little out of place, but the neck tilt feature does have me a bit intrigued.
  9. I'm still trying to get my head around the reasoning why / how by wearing a mask in this current environement affects the economy and prevents from opening businesses.
  10. Definitely the trifecta . Nice geetars for sure!!!
  11. The last time I owned a fffffffFender was in 1983 when something possessed me to buy a 1979 Anniversary Strat at Guitar Center, then immediately sold it two weeks after buying it.... lousy sticky maple fretboard and the sound of swarming bees when I plugged it into my SMF Tour Head.... Just AWFUL. Anywhoo I came across this heavy cream color 2003 Fender USA Strat with a rosewood fretboard and an unusually large headstock. I also just learned the fifth hole on the neck plate for some neck tilt adjustment deal.... I'll make sure I won’t mess with that. I should be receiving it at some
  12. I had this one all through elementary school... "Duane the bathtub I'm drowning." Still makes me mad.....
  13. When I play gigs, I hire one of my buddies for $100 to sit next to my equipment during the gig, and make sure my geetars are in tune. If he has to use the bathroom he will let me know..... No drinking boo's of any kind. And finally help make sure all my equipment is packed into the Uhaul... Small fee to pay for reassurance
  14. I would like to see more consistent beveling on the SG horns. In other words beveling that simulates the early 60’s.
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