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  1. I'm not a huge fan, but I really dig this song by them.
  2. All Just received word the Site Admin has updated security key.
  3. LOL!!!! Good detective work......
  4. My first concert was the The Letterman and Doc Severinson opened for them.... (1971) and I was 7 years old. I was actually blown away by Doc. My Dad in the same year took me to see Andy Williams..... I remembered what a big voice.
  5. You're welcom.... Also KSDaddy needs a shout out.... He's the primary spam bug spray around here.
  6. Has anyone got back to you? I'm wondering if your cookies settings have changed
  7. folks The recent spam bomb has been eradicated. Thanks for reporting.... I just realized I can moderate and effectively deal with spam through my smart phone, which I couldn't do on the old forum setup.
  8. In my experience the the 74-80 Les Paul's have the worst fret dressing of all time. The frets are so low and flat, that bending strings are a struggle, that I end up re-fretting all my guitars of that era. As for sound, the Les Paul's with Tim Shaw era pickups are to me by far the best sounding pickups Gibson has ever released. Fretboard playability, 1990 to current Les Paul builds are the most finger friendly to me. Looks, for me The Norlin era Les Pauls look the best IMO. I like the large headstock, Gibson engraving on the tuners, and in 1972 the Gibson embossed pickup covers.
  9. I'll be surprised if they are. If they don't fit let me know.... i have set of nickel dog ear p-90 covers off a 67 Casino you can take off my hands.
  10. duane v

    Custom LP

    congrats!!! I think I would throw some double cream pups on the new girl!!!!
  11. Some pay $$$$$ for that type of discoloration.
  12. Why??? I've had great luck on Etsy.
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