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  1. duane v


    Those are great guitars.... I have 2015 and it's one of my favorites. Congrats!!! She's truly a looker!!!
  2. I have that album in mono and it sounds so much better than the stereo version. Never could really figure out why..... The mono has much more of a rock feel to it.
  3. I have two others: One is a 66, the other is a 67. Both of them have a little more punch than the cavern bass and that may be due to the blade pickups. The 66 plays nice, but the 67 is in desperate need of a neck reset and the neck is finished in black. To be honest the Cavern seems to be better made compared to the 66 and 67. But I'm sure age is contributing to some of the kirks in the older Hofners. Funny thing I have never had any issues with off-gassing of my older basses and they live in their respective cases. 66 Hofner 67 Black Back Hofner
  4. I like how the guy eyeballs the fret markers and the fret channels. This kinda takes me back to my high school shop days.
  5. duane v


    but the question is...... Does it get the brown sound????? Congrats Brad!!!
  6. I wouldn't be upset either.... They ABR1 looks so much better than the harmonica looking Nashville bridge
  7. lead vocal backing track???? Looks like he's lip syncing to me.
  8. Very Very nice!!!! And Congrats. Part of me still wishes that Gibson would some day figure out how to get the complete Epiphone line built in the USA, but I must admit the current price point and the quality is quite impressive.
  9. Thanks Brad.... I'm trying not to be so much of a stranger in terms of posting but I do lurk.... and as all of us are aware it's been a year to remember and unfortunately not in a good way. Despite the business climate for some, my area of the business has been crazy busy.... so I do feel blessed.
  10. Well I spent the better part of yesterday evening cleaning up the corrosion by soaking all the threaded screws in WD-40, and scrubbing the pickup covers with WD-40 and 1200 grit, and polishing the bass up with Gibson polish. It felt almost like I was cleaning car battery terminals. Fortunately there was no corrosion that made it to the wiring and I was able to find a new pickguard, (man they are asking a small fortune for those) .... Felt almost like I was dealing with Rickenbacker for a spare part. The gassed out case I'm not sure what I'm going to do with, it's in the patio with the case opened.... The dog wont even go near it, so I'm probably just going to toss it unless somebody has some recommendations. So basically the $1300 deal I got for the bass with the added $100 for the pickguard and $125 for the case plus $50 shipping I ended up paying for the $1575 which isn't bad, but I would like to know what year the darn thing is.... I'm guessing it's a 1990's or early 2000 build.... I sent images of the pots over to Hofner so hopefully they will get back to me soon.
  11. I just had a conversation with a guy named Fran that has many old Hofner's and he told be to trash the case if it's a contemporary Hofner case. And if I want, store the old pickguard in a brown paper bag in a well ventilated area. He said lighter fluid and or guitar polish should clean off the oxidation off the pup covers.... If that don't work toothpaste will do the trick. He said not to worry about the control panel as the tea cups don't show signs of oxidation, but what some people do is add a few coats of varnish as this seals the celluloid from off-gassing..... I could also do that with the pick guard, but he said a couple hits with a pick will remove the varnish and you'll eventually be back where you started. I found this case on Reverb for $125 and I swooped it up.
  12. Thanks for the response It appears the corrosion is only limited to the pick up covers, the two pickguard nails and pickguard bracket. I had my wife put the guitar case outside opened. I'm going to water it down and trash it then buy a new one. When I get home I'm going to clean the pickup covers with some WD40 and or tooth paste and hope for the best. The control plate seems to be spared thank god
  13. So one of my pals came over last night and I showed him the recent Hofner Bass I just purchased and he told me the pickguard was "off-gassing" and was corroding the pickup covers, and pickup bracket was turning green as well. He then told me to get the case and there was a patch of green lining where the pickguard was hitting was badly discolored. He told be to put the case outside and I should probably get rid of it. He then told me to get some jewelry cleaner and clean off the pickup covers and also get rid of the pick guard and throw it away and get new one. Now I'm a bit shocked by all of this, and the owner did tell me the guitar had been stored for a very long time, so what I'm asking is using jewelry cleaner the right course of action with the pickup covers? Or is it too late to fix.
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