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  1. I think before we judge these bands, lets not forget how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ record company executives have made or stolen from musicians over the years....... And what about all the people that downloaded all that virtually free music from Napster and the musicians received very little if at all any compensation for their work. In today's world artist must become much more business oriented in order to protect themselves..... Having a manager just isn't enough these days.... They must have legal counsel.
  2. Looks like I’m getting me a new Casino
  3. Gibson can ship me the Casino to the left (without the pick guard) to my front porch.... I’ll even pay the shipping 😊
  4. https://reverb.com/news/epiphone-quietly-unveils-made-in-usa-casino
  5. I perform it in the original key of C-Major... I use Gm7 and C9 to open the versus.... Typically I use chord voicing to darken the mood on major chords.
  6. it’s a 2007 JL Revolution..... I believe the husk was shipped from japan, then assembled in Memphis.
  7. Such a bummer and a loss to the music industry..... RIP
  8. Ahhh.... makes sense. I’m sure it was well worth the wait.... Congrats!!!
  9. So it’s time to purchase a new Gibson and I have been looking at the HP series with the contoured neck joint. So what I’m asking is what some of you that have experienced the contoured neck joint what you think of it. Thanks
  10. I have a Mojave Dirty Boy Amp and 4x12 cab running through an Aracom Attenuator. However I have been using my Panama Shamon Amp with 1x12 cab that has a built in attenuator and a DigiTech RP500. Then tones are just unbelievable
  11. Tool has always had great guitar / amp tones. On some occasion very similar to Skid Row Slave To The Grind album.
  12. Thanks all for the cool words..... I’m pretty anxious to get this one. I already received the aged Faber ABR1 and Tailpiece ..... Funny thing about the aged stuff and how I was so against it... And now I like it. 😊
  13. Great guitar.... Why did it take almost 3 months to be delivered???
  14. Funny thing with all the guitars I have I seem to use my Epiphone Casino in many different musical situations. Its great acousticly as I can sit with a group of friends and play and sing. It has a great clean tone through any amp I have, and no matter what pickup combination I use. It growls really nice when overdrive is added to the amp. The only restriction is the upper fret access.
  15. Ricky is the guy that said it and tried to make comedy out of a bad situation. I would like to believe that wasn't scripted.... But you could be right.
  16. I’ve always wondered what those guitars would sound like through a Mesa Boogie MarkIV cranked 😊
  17. Really?? In my 56 years of life nothing has changed and has always been there. And I think social media has put it out there with its pants down for all to see. Such a bummer that we missed the opportunity to use social media as a portal to bridge our differences as earthlings..... maybe some day😊
  18. That’s a really nice player.... If you plan to sell I see them go from $1200 to $1600 in good to excellent condition. Also my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your brother.
  19. Very nice..... Nothing like that Chet Atkins twang!!!
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