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  1. Folks I edited a few posts. so that the joke may not turn into somebodies bad reality. lol
  2. Good point George Harrison, Barry Goudreau, Tony Iommi...... and many others
  3. I have two SG's and they are great all around guitars. However, my only complaint is that everyone SG I have played it's neck heavy. But reach in the upper fret area helps to forget about the neck heavy artifact. I read somewhere there are guitar straps that combat the issue of neck heavy guitars, but I cant seem to find the link.
  4. That is one nice LP.... And the price is somewhat reasonable.
  5. I think I have an ABR1 with nylon bridges laying around in my parts drawer.... If I find it I can toss it your way..... I need to start thinning out my spare parts bin.... There's ssshhhhstuff that hasn't seen the light of day in years.
  6. One thing left................................... Nylon bridge saddles BTW, the Casino looks great.
  7. Would you like to have this moved to the Acoustic Forum? I can like a trail link here from the Lounge to the new location.... lemme know
  8. Cool guitar, but I found my attention directed at the Gibson half stack 😳
  9. I play many popular songs backwards... You would be surprised how many unique melody lines are to be had when listening to music backwards. As for lyrical content, you’re on your own with that one.
  10. I just sent a message to the Admin.
  11. That's a good point. I'll check with the site Admin if there's a lever for this feature.
  12. I think the "stalker" alert is no longer in force on the new platform... lol.
  13. I'm quite digging the new format, plus it's much more modern.... Thanks Gibson!!!
  14. The only thing I see wrong is the round sticker on the pickguard needs to be peeled off.
  15. Which is why I dont use Fender guitars :unsure:
  16. I would use my VOX NightTrain with my VOX AC50 and switch between amps, The NightTrain has this great rock-n-roll tone, but it has been replaced by a Panama Sharman head and two Panama Cabinet w/attenuator. But here's a below image of my old setup.
  17. Congrats Through my years of experience the really talented singers are usually flakes, mental and flat broke
  18. duane v


    Pretty Pretty [thumbup] CONGRATS! The prices on those specials are always favorable..... I almost pulled the trigger on a 91 TV yellow one, but a 86 LPJ showed up on Reverb and I had to get it..... maybe next year i'll get my YtV yellow special.....
  19. It will be 30 years with Snap-on May of 2020, at which point I "can" retire at the tender age of 55 (full pension).
  20. Just ordered mine from ZZounds [thumbup] ... But I'll have to wait until May 10.... they are out of stock
  21. Thanks I decided not to do the back plate.... If the guitar was just bare wood, I would have routed out for a back plate, but I was afraid of finish chipping. :unsure:
  22. This one has my name all over it [love]
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