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  1. I truly doubt it. Honestly I think this is a very small exception, and YouTube is protecting themselves as they are the ones with the deep pockets, not the guy that is providing guitar lessons using YouTube as the medium. If I were to have a musical lesson business that required videos as part of the curriculum, I would invest in my own website to provide video content to pupils.... Problem is when something has been provided as a free service for a long period of time, and the rules start to change, people get pissed.... But the reality is you got a free ride for many years, and it might be time to invest (pony-up) in a website that you will be in more control of. I remember when our company would provide free coffee to the employees, but employees would take the coffee packs, sugar and creamers home for their use only, and others would complain about the brand.... Finally our company said screw it and placed coffee vending machines throughout the facility and now we have to buy our coffee... Ya some people ***** but I just bought my little coffee machine and placed it in my office. What's that song??? "nothing lasts forever."
  2. Definitely But also nipped the pockets of the artist as well, as we would get 5%-10% of album / CD retail price and we would eat the packaging costs..... 5% of a platinum selling album is a lot of coin.
  3. Some valid points I think one of the biggest challenges Gibson is facing in today's music climate is that rock n roll is kind of dead right now. And guitar collecting has become more of a practice rather than practicing the guitar, and with the invention of social forums / media it appears people argue more and or pontificate over things that might be completely irrelevant to the gigging guitar player. :unsure: And now more than ever people are buying guitars without playing or seeing them first and the poor instrument gets shipped all over the place in either freezing cold or blazing heat, and thrown around courtesy of the shipping carrier of choice... Wood under tension just doesn't like those environments So any previous set-up (if performed) before shipment, is completely different by the time it gets to the customer. Secondly guys my age reference Gibson legacy products as a benchmark for quality, so anything built by Gibson in the 50's or 60's is superior to anything built in the 70's and 80's and so on and so on and so on. I've read all the stories about longer tenons versus shorter, solid bodies versus two piece / swiss-cheese bodies, two piece versus three piece tops and volutes versus non volutes.... To be honest until guitar forums came around I could care less about those aforementioned features, because if I couldn't make a guitar do what I wanted with my fingers and or amp it was either modified to suit my playing technique or sold or given to a friend. In today's world everyone is an expert
  4. It's an Epi JL Revolution Casino
  5. I was lucky enough to see Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis at Chino Downs (Horse Chariot Racing Track) back in the early 80's..... Great show
  6. No worries... "luddites arent we all"
  7. That's funny!! Occasionally I would pop in when a reported post would hit my email.... I would just check if you guys / gals weren't tearing each others guts out.
  8. I’m starting version 2 of the John Lennon build with an 86 LPJ as the neck pocket is closer to a 57, and I don’t have to deal with plugging holes and dealing with a bridge modification .... I did this before with a 2013 LPJ satin finish, but it didn’t have the vibe I was looking for and the Charlie Christian pup I used in version 1 was smaller than the actual 1936 CC pup dimensions Version 2 I had a custom CC made to vintage dimensions. Note the parts are just placed in position. I’m still waiting for the 2 custom made Forstner bits from Savantguitars for the pickup selection switch cavity. One thing I did notice is the ABR bridge in the mid 80’s seems to be wider
  9. I updated the link in the pinned info thread
  10. Darnit. I've tried calling him but his cell was disconnected.... RIP Milod Digger Nice to hear from you... All is well with you and yours?
  11. Does anyone know what happened to Milod?
  12. My uncle said the same thing about Eddie Van Halen in 1978 (Too Fast) .....
  13. I've been more buying lately... Recently a 1986 cherry les paul junior, 1990 J-160E and a 2000 Gibson 335.. As for the singer, I produced her demo, she paid me for all the masters and I moved on to other projects. Right now my new man-cave has been the current project I'm working on.
  14. It's been awhile for sure. Work has been unbelievably busy the last 4 years and I certainly miss all the craziness around here.... but glad to see some of the familiar posters about.
  15. Hendrix tuned his guitar on stage at full volume, and amateur never came to mind.
  16. Been using Lizard Spit for the last few years... helps keeps the forearm haze in check 👍
  17. Other than the spam, things seem pretty tame. As somebody stated, this place was pretty..... well let's just say a stadium of disagreement... lol
  18. I always wondered why John and George's slide work was hardly recognized. Both of them were wonderful with the slide, and were the reason why I even liked using a slide.
  19. The I Feel Fine lick is very cool and signature, but the All My Loving rhythm guitar part a beginner guitar player should be able to execute after 6 months of playing... I actually find the bass line to be the coolest thing about that song.
  20. A little more needed bite.... Well for my style of playing. The 335 felt great, but there was something in the tone where the mids didnt sound right with the dimarzios.... The Tim Shaws made things much more crisp
  21. Those are the 36th anniversay.... I yanked them out of my Gibby 2014 LE 335 lemonburst, and put them in the Firebrand.... I took the cream Tim Shaw pups I purchased a few months back and stuffed those in the LE 335 lemonburst.... The 335 sounds better with the Tim Shaw's in my opinion.
  22. It has the Dimarzio DP103 in the neck and the DP 223 in the bridge
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