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  1. Well,I see you messaged me on another thread,so I hope my input is helpful.My Fuller's '39 J-35 is a 2011 model,bought new in 2012.I was prepared to get a boutique J-35 from the usual popular builders,but Fuller's asked me to simply try the guitar and they gave me a 2 week window to decide.It took me literally 30 seconds to know it was going nowhere!! Dry,woody and direct tone....Not super loud,but loud in a very vintage way.Really,"really" nice tonality and very responsive....Nothing to not like.The used market goes from around 1800-2000 bucks,based on condition.Btw,the case is not so hot,but the guitar certainly "is"!
  2. I've now had mine for 5 years and continue to be amazed by this instrument,though I have played other slopes/jumbos and enjoyed them all......I'm wondering if it still has fans?
  3. I LOVE this collection for a different reason! Every time my wife tries to guilt me for owning 8 nice acoustics,I whip out this picture! Thanks!! -:)
  4. I remember reading about these about 2 years ago.It seems Music Emporium managed to snap up the "First" of these limited editions in Madi/Old Growth Sitka.....Good Lord,would this be a perfect compliment to my Fullers '39 J-35 R.I.!! A stunning guitar,but up there in price.....Still,I'm not about to move out any of the herd for it,though I do lust Big Time!!
  5. I read a piece about David Crosby,I believe it was in a recent Acoustic Guitar Magazine.Sheesh! He is not a fan of the latest Gibsons! I remember him stating he thought "some" of the Custom/Limited editions were OK,but in general he felt the last few years Gibsons were poor instruments.He went on to state that Martin slaughters Gibson in almost any area of tone and build.Though he did say he had a good Custom J-200....I was surprised...Not that I'm a Gibson lover,but I've played some very nice Gibsons lately and have an absolutely fabulous Fuller's 1939 J-35 Reissue.....Hmm!
  6. Thanks for the update Red! Aside from owning my Fuller's '39 J-35,I'd love one of these.My feelings are that with today's ultra competitive market Gibson really has to have some pressure to mfgr truly fine guitars....Past vintage J-35's are superb,but today Gibson "must" be really,"really" careful with quality/clean build,materials in use and overall tone,as there is a plethora of competition.....i remember "Red" providing a very good description of the tonal differences between his J-45 Legend and his '39 Fuller's J-35 R.I.....It was a while ago,but I'd assume this new torrified J-45 Legend must move the bar in the right direction......I picked up a H&D Thermo topped hog dread and after playing quite a few of the exact model w/o this baking process(only the top on mine) I've no doubt it is a superior tonality.....Looks cool too. My problem....Bought 3 guitars in the last year....Divorce court would be a bit pricey. ...hmm,maybe next year??
  7. Sheesh! I am so darn happy with my Fuller's '39 J-35 Reissue that I'm kinda' not happy to see this new Legend model.I don't want it to be too great...Yuk,Yuk.
  8. Thanks for the replies folks.....I've decided against the JB.Not that it's not most likely a fine guitar,but as had been stated by "62" I've pretty much got it "all" covered.The Fuller's 35 is without a doubt the best Gibson Jumbo I've played(quite a few)and in all honesty (without rationalization)the darn Eastman is simply way too good to move out.It's ridiculously finely built as well! Best to all
  9. I'm considering buying one in excellent plus shape,for 3 large incl ship,but don't know how "truly good" these are.I've already got a wonderful Fuller's '39 J-35 Reissue and think this J.B. model could be a great compliment to it....but....I'd have to move out a really fine Eastman E20-SS EIR/Adi Slope to get this J.B. version.....I want 2 nice and different Jumbo's and already have it with the Fuller's J-35 and Eastman,but am wondering if the J.B. model is worth moving the Eastman for?I know the J.B. is a 12 fretter with Walnut B/S and it would most likely be fabulous,not to mention a custom shop model,yet the Eastman E20-SS is a superb guitar and is also a nice compliment to my Fuller's J-35..;..Oh,not a bad choice either way methinks. Opinions most appreciated. -:)
  10. There were no issues with the guitar,just a great deal on a great instrument....Can't rationalize getting it.Nothing to do with the cash,as I simply own too many already.....Rough life!
  11. I have absolutely no affiliation with Guitar center(in East Brunswick,N.J.)but how often do we hear about "some" specific guitar(especially Gibsons)that is SO GOOD it stands out,heads above the rest? Well,today I played 2 standard J-45's,one Custom Koa J-45(blinged out)and 2 new J-35's as I wanted more comparisons with my Fuller's '39 J-35 Reissue,though I did not bring it along(I did play it before & after my journey).I LOVE the Fuller's,but...... I was blown into another universe by one of the J-35's on hand!It was SO much better than "all" of the other guitars at the storeand it was laughable.....It destroyed virtually all of the previous new J-35's I've played,at least 10! It is different from my Fuller's J-35 reissue(obviously the Sitka vs Adi)but for the "on sale for $1029 price" I was flabbergasted as to it tone & playability.I really would have loved to buy this thing,but simply have too many guitars......I'd never post simply out of enthusiasm for a nice day with some nice guitars,but I swear "this J-35" is CRAZY GREAT!! Of the 2 J-35's there,it is the one with the darker mahogany,if anyone is interested.I kept thinking that this guitar sounds like it was made by a private builder,it was that good!Rediculous bass and crisp!! God,I loved it!It would make a nice contrast to my Fuller's J-35 reissue,which is darker tonally,but my wife would probably shoot me -:) Anyone checking it out will be buying me a nice bottle of wine,'cause this baby is special! best to all, Mark
  12. Yup!That's the Fuller's J-35 for sure! Best to all
  13. Hey Keith,I'm not feeling too bad for you with those great guitars in your signature. -:) Serious collection!
  14. Keith......Eight owners would lead me to believe you did the right thing moving it out......Still,before I bought mine I played 2 Kopps,two Flammings and a Santa Cruz Vs along with a few vintage J-45's all at Mandolin Brothers.Obviously I loved all of them,but alreading owning a few very nice guitars I did not want to spend boutique monies and Fuller's offered these for a reasonable price.With a full refund after a weeks trial(actually,they offered me a two week trial). Took me 30 seconds to know how good this baby was.I found the Kopp to be a monster but the high freq was too attenuated(still a great guitar).The Flammings were fabulous but actually quite similar tonally to this Fuller's model,to me.The vintage J45/50's all beat out the boutique builds and the prices reflected this.......The Fuller's has gotten an amazingly gorgeous tone,as it has aged.At least mine does.....I believe RED 333 has always nailed this model with his descriptions. What I love about this guitar is that it easily stands up to any of my other boutique builds,even thogh they are a different body/wood type.The overall greatness of the guitar is just "there"......Amazing that Fuller's can no longer offer these. Warm(but clear & crisp),woody(in spades) and a nice thump.It projects much better than a J-45,imo....More direct,which I like a lot.If someone had put this in my hands,with my eyes closed,I'd believe I was playing a well aged Jumbo. My one experience with a '36 J-35 (original/vintage)which was selling for $10,000 at Mandolin Brothers,was a "huge" let down.That guitar literally was one of the worst sounding instruments I'd ever touched.....Btw,it sold,so what do I know. -:) Best to all
  15. You don't see much talk about these anymore and I know they are no longer made......I was fortunate to buy one(new) a while back and it has developed into an absolutely amazing slope/jumbo.......I attempt to play as many Jumbos(and other guitars,duh) as I can get my hands on & this model just keeps blowing my mind....Is it "that good" or am I in rationalization mode? Four years old & still mint,but played fairly often,as I have a small stable which rotates regularly.....This baby might be my fav though!
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