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  1. Got it for a great price. Contacted Amazon. They just made me a deal, so I am keeping it. This will be a good beater for gigging and taking with me on the road. Was getting this for the tone and the on guitar dB boost, rather than looks. Few folks notice the beauty mark when you are on stage anyway.
  2. OK, here is embracing it. Black strings to go with the black line. Looking for a good strap. Played Green Onions on it. Sounds great. Band meet tomorrow evening. Let's see what my gang says.
  3. I could paint racing stripes over it.
  4. Here is the serial number. 140055854
  5. Is this intentional? Or was it a mistake that this top with a black streak went to a semitransparent finish. I just bought this guitar from Amazon.com sight unseen. Plays great, but looks like I have a black streak on the upper bout. Any thoughts? Is Gibson losing it's reputation for quality control or has this appeared in other Les Pauls with transparent finishes? Who do I contact in Gibson about this?
  6. Christmas Coming Home Performed by Kentlands Acoustic Jam on December 7, 2014. Left my Gibby at home though. Will try to do one with it next time.
  7. It's a large band. There are advantages and disadvantages to thiis, but I can talk about the positives here 1) many voices come together to make music. You can hear the contribution of each. 2) always amazing to have the group come together. Orchestra is larger, and even more amazing. 3) challenge to get agreement on things, but worth it when we do work it out.
  8. It's like finding Waldo. Us lapsteel players tend to get lost. Look between the two leads. Sitting down.
  9. Broke out my Gibson Korina Lap Steel from 1960 for this performance. We were covering The Legend of Wooley Swamp, originally by the Charlie Daniels Band. Love the growl of the PAF pickup.
  10. Cryo

    Nitrous Price Drop

    Looks like MF has green and orange ones coming in at $999. I really like my blue one though.
  11. Cryo

    Nitrous Price Drop

    I just bought me one of the Les Paul nitrous, in cobalt blue. Fantastic finish, great tone. I love it. I think it looks different because of the colors. Looks like this will be a limited run for Gibson. These are great value if you can get them. Putting on some straplocks, as Bluesy and I are going to rock out. Will send pics when I get a chance.
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