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  1. when i bought my used 50th anniversary hummingbird, the shop provided a dunlop pick, this one: https://www.jimdunlop.com/celluloid-shell-pick-heavy/ and i found that it brings the honey feel you talk about... i found that celluloid is the equivalent of my real tortoise shell on my electric, the best pick you can dream about... i tried other "plastic" pick but they don't sound the same, cheaper... the heavy size is cool when you need to force a little on the strings, but to be honest i use one of the two round sides instead of the sharp one to get the mellow-ness.. so you know, i use PB d'addario EJ16 or EXP16, i hate 80/20 on my Hummingbird... loose the hummy sound... Ben
  2. hi, i got a M1A in my J45TV, but i'm prefer the acoustic sound of my guitar than the amplified one... i'm looking toward a DPA 4099.. http://www.dpamicrophones.com/en/News/Archive/The-Press-Wrote/Realisason-4099.aspx anyone has an opinion on this microphone? it's quite rare on the internet.. Thanks Ben
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