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  1. Are any owners of these LP's from Canada? I'm curious about how many of them have come into the great white north.
  2. Greetings from another proud owner of this LP Custom Artisan. This is Bud Bremner from Vancouver and have had my name on Long & McQuades list since last summer and finally it has arrived, well a week ago anyway. What a spectacular guitar. I love everything about it. Some hardware issues that have appeared are tarnishing on the tailpiece, plating separation of the pickguard mounting bracket and the A string tuner is terrible, dry., grinding etc but all of these have been ordered. Following the serial number sequence seen so far, mine was also made last August in the Samick factory and ends in 00907. What's the highest serial number we've seen so far and would that be a reasonable way to assume how many have been built?
  3. Greeting gents! Bud here from Vancouver Canada and I too have purchased the new LP Custom Artisan. I've had mine on order since last summer, just as soon as they were able take an order for one. My guitar follows the exact same serial number sequence listed in this thread and mine is unit # 00907. According to my dealer Long & McQuade in Surrey, BC, it is the very first one they've landed in Canada, and that includes all their Canadian dealers, mine was first to arrive. It may not be the first to come into Canada via another dealer but through Long & McQuade's channels it is. It survived our first band practice last night and it lives! The tonal versatility is very good but my only two grumblings are frets that were not really smooth at all, and a stiff pickup selector switch. I'll have a smooth Switchcraft model put in with a fret buffing and that should do it! It really is a great Les Paul I'll enjoy for many years to come.
  4. Sweet! So we're already on the same page. My wah is also 1st but delays, flangers etc could be mixed in their order as personal taste dictates.
  5. As your amp has an effects loop, it should be used. On my board I run my wah, tuner and boost pedal in a line from my guitar into the amp. Then my loop consists of in order; volume pedal, chorus, delay then reverb. The idea is to keep all of the grit and tone shaping stuff straight in but run your 'fx' through the loop in an order that works for you. For me reverb is always last through the loop and wah, overdrive pedals etc straight to the amp input. This tends to allow each device to bring it's own voice to the blend without turning it all to mush. There are variations on this of course but it's generally a good rule of thumb.
  6. What value pots are in your guitar? If they're 250K, changing them to 500K will allow more top end to come out of your guitar. The pickups might be poopy. I swapped Epi P90's for a set of Lollar P90's and the sound of the guitar really came to life. There are usually a number of things to try!
  7. Sweet Riv! Yup, big P90 fan too and a semi with a Bigsby is a great combination!
  8. The Epi archtop case model E519 for semi acoustics is a really good case for under $100. I have two and they're great fitting well built cases. Most online retailers have them such as Sweetwater: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/E519
  9. Have you considered the picks you're using? I've found that the typical celluloid/tortoiseshell style of pick gives a much smoother sound than other plastic pick materials. I use mediums with all my guitars, Semi's, Strats and Les Pauls and the difference in pick material makes an immediate difference in taking off a bit of the biting edge.
  10. Which color of the epiphone les paul jr should I get? They should be cheap enough, get them both!
  11. Hey guys! Well here is #821, finally, with my Bigsby B7 and Wilkinson locking roller bridge. I've also added locking Grover tuners, had the nut and frets dressed and yikes, what a player! It stays in tune extremely well and is now my go-to axe for just about anything. I trust you're all enjoying yours as well!
  12. Hey guys, should we get a list going with our City locations and guitar #'s from this limited run just to see where these guitars have found homes? Just a thought.
  13. Mr. Semi


    Sweet score! Agreed on the LP/Whammy combo. Do you guys know of the Stetsbar vibrato system? https://stetsbar.com/ It requires no permanent mods to your guitar and from reviews I've read so far it's the bomb for a Les Paul.
  14. Go get 'er Yogi! Well mine finally arrived, #821, 2 days after hernia surgery so my time with her has been limited but what a beaut. The Cherry finish was not scraped very well from the headstock binding but hey, I've seen much worse on Gibby's. The neck is 2 mm wider at the 12th fret than my Valensi Riviera and overall a bit thinner from front to back too but still is a great neck. I will likely add my Gold Bigsby B7 with a good roller bridge. Any thoughts on which choices are out there for a Nashville style roller bridge with a 12" radius? Can't seen to attach this picture straight, grrrr!
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