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  1. Mahogany Body Maple Neck w/ Ebony Fingerboard Rounded Neck Profile 22 medium jumbo frets Bridge PU: DiMarzio Double Whammy - Pink Color Middle PU: DiMarzio PAF Pro - Blue Color Neck PU: DiMarzio PAF Pro - Green Color 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way toggle switch, jack on top of the guitar, Black Top Hat knobs w/Silver inserts Kahler 2720 Spyder Vibrato w/Kahler SD Locking Nut Tulip Tuners Full Pickguard (White) Classic White Finish
  2. I like Paul. He's really articulate and his playing is clean. But, I don't like his tone on these Guitar World videos. Disgusting amount of distortion, and damn that guitar is way too bright sounding!
  3. Aside from the original, I really like Vinnie Moore's version. WARNING: The slideshow is abysmal! [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  4. I can't hate something. Or someone. Very bad, very strong word (old lady). But I do think that making that many signature models is a bit ridiculous. Then again, I may be wrong. Oh, and the pricing thing is really relevant.
  5. After I spend about an hour on chromatic & scale/alternate picking exercises, I do the following exercises for my sweep picking: i. Ascending & Descending an arpeggio in one position - all arpeggios across the neck* (2, 3, 5 string arpeggios) ii. Ascending in one position & Descending in the next position - all arpeggios across the neck* (2, 3, 5 string arpeggios) iii. Exercise (i), but this time I split e.g. a 5 string major/minor triad in triads iv. Exercise (ii), but this time I split e.g. a 5 string major/minor triad in triads v. Exercise (i), but I add a tap on the high e string. No, I can't play arpeggios at this speed. Yes, I used to listen to Yngwie's stuff. But he's way too baroque for my style. * The ones that fit the major scale or the harmonic minor scale.
  6. Standard route for a Kahler vibrato bridge, fairly certain it must have been a flat mount (maybe a Flyer 2300), since the stud mount ones use the exact same holes as the TOM & stop-bar pair. If you look closely, the bottom of the routed part has some deeper parts. Amateur job (hey, I'm no pro). Plus, if the guitar was made in the 60s, there is no way this was a factory job. Kahler bridges came out during the very early 80s. So, either the owner did it or a very bad luthier. One love
  7. iSoto


    My Squier Strat: "My first guitar" aka "The guitar that got gutted" My Gibson SG: "My Gibson" aka "My USA Guitar" - "The SG" My Epiphone EM-1: "My Epi" aka "That guitar I regret buying" I'm sorry, the idea of naming my guitars after a girl/woman just creeps me out. Sounds OK when someone else does it to their guitars. It's just not my thing. One love
  8. Nope. If people don't like the way I look, they can just not look at me (or just complain about the fact that I look the way I do, either way is fine with me). One love
  9. A Les Paul for nurses! HOW COOOOOL...! One love
  10. Is this how the world is gonna come to an end? Darn it, I wanted to be surprised! I actually love apocalyptic movies. It's highly unlikely that I'll go watch it at a theater, but I'll definitively will watch it.
  11. ^2^n^k^m^(l-1)! , n,k,m,lEC You should really meet some women I know. No open minds, no stamina, no nothing. Just like the age thing, the gender thing is also cr@p. It depends on the person. Pink guitars are awesome as long as they don't have Hello Kitty and Barbie stickers on them.
  12. I'm actually with Dave on this one. I'd chose a Mac over a PC any day.
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