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  1. Wow, very nice! It seems like I saw those guitars and porch on a YouTube search during my Lucas Google searches. I'd love to see a lefty collection like that, but I doubt one exists....
  2. Thanks for all the info guys. I'd love to have a Fairbanks or McAlister, but I've blown my guitar stash money for this year on a lefty Bourgeois Bryan Sutton D-150 signature model. I notice that Fairbanks is doing a 25 piece run of an early Southern Jumbo reissue that looks beautiful. Maybe next year!
  3. Hey Zombywoof....seems like I've seen your name at MyLesPaul.com. I've heard great things about Oahu/Kay Kraft copies. I'd love to find a lefty. Isn't Bill Collings about to do a Kay Kraft reissue through his Waterloo brand? Seems like I saw a video from NAMM about it....that could be interesting.
  4. Thanks for the comment Yggdrasil. I've read the comments about the nut and QC problems with the 2006 guitars. I'm hoping that quality has improved since 2006. I'd love to have a Fairbanks. Really beautiful guitars! You never see a lefty...
  5. Hey Smurfbird, Yeah, my favorite Dylan period was when he was playing his 13 fretter. I see 13 fret reissues out there but not nearly as much as I see 14 frets.
  6. So, I've been obsessing over Nick Lucas style guitars lately.... I've been checking out all the various reissues that Gibson has released and I've noticed there are very few 12 fret reissues. The only info I've found on any being built was an old ad for a 12 fret, mahogany Lucas that had already sold. The ad said that Gibson did a lot of 6 of them in 2006. That's it! If you Google search Gibson Nick Lucas reissue, the only reissue 12 fretter you'll only see is the guitar I'm talking about. In my perusing of info on various forums it seems the 12 fret, bigger, mahogany bodied models were the favorites of the majority of the vintage owners (I'm sure opinions on this vary wildly and I'm speaking in general terms), though the 14 fret maples seem to bring the cash. In addition, if you search for Gibson Nick Lucas lefty left handed, it won't return a single lefty Lucas picture! I find this really odd. I have a friend who has a lefty 14 fret Lucas, so I'm sure there's more out there. I guess this all leads to my questions...have I missed something and there's more 12 fretters out there? If you're a Lucas fan what is your experience with them and which has been your favorite? Thanks in advance for the great info that I'm sure these questions will reveal! RW
  7. Thanks Jed. Here's a little trivia for you. These were built with the same tooling as the 30's Gibson tenor guitars!
  8. I recently lucked out and scored a very rare, lefty, 1966 B25N 3/4! They were only produced from 1966 till 1968. This one is the only lefty I've ever seen. It's the sweetest sounding, easiest playing acoustic that I've ever owned. This one is nearly mint and the original alligator case is in great shape. It's just great little guitar and I feel so fortunate to own it. Here's a couple of pictures. In one shot it's shown with a dread and a tenor uke so you can get an idea of the size of it. I'd buy evey one of these I could lay my hands on.
  9. Yay, found one! Thank you Jeremy at Bozeman! Great customer service
  10. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I recently bought the above guitar. It is the sweetest little guitar I have ever played. I feel very fortunate to have found it. They only made the B-25N 3/4 for three years, '66 thru -68. I've only seen one righty one, no other lefties. The original alligator chipboard case is in really nice condition, but I don't feel like it's very good protection. I've searched around and the 3/4 size cases I have found aren't the correct size. This guitar is really an LG-2 3/4 with a different name and the LG-2 3/4 guitars from the fourties thru the sixties are built from the same tooling as the 30s Gibson tenor guitars. SO, if I can find a 30s Gibson tenor sized hard case OR a LG-2 3/4 case, either will work. I know Gibson did a reissue of the LG-2 3/4 as an Arlo Guthrie signature model. I've left a voice mail with Bozeman customer service and sent an email to the regular Gibson customer service department looking for one if these Guthrie cases. If anyone knows where I can find one, PLEASE let me know. I love this thing! Thanks for any and all comments. Here's a couple of pictures.
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