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  1. Cute kitty - hope it gets along with the others. My significant other had two male cats from the same litter. Then she got a female that was abandoned. Turns out in the cat world the female is the boss so the two brothers started fighting over who gets to be close to her (all three neutered, but instinct still takes over). The larger of the two males and the female started attacking the smaller male to the point that after some bloody battles I ended up with the smaller one at my house. Anyway I think external problems are probably better than internal ones 🙂
  2. My Custom 356 has the square fingerboard inlays too, and pretty much like this fake LP we're discussing, they aren't centered accurately between the frets, and not always parallel to the frets either 🙂 My L-5 from Custom shop also had square inlays - although a little more accurately placed.
  3. Description on this website confirms .10 - .46.
  4. Just got an email about the new Chuck Berry 355 replica for only $7K. It comes with a captain's hat and a conduit bracket/finger holder. Anybody know what that is? Only thing I can think of is something to keep your cable out of the way since the jack is on the guitar top? I know it's not important in terms of the guitar itself, just never heard of it before.
  5. When I bought my L-5 in 2014 or so Gibson referred to the headstock decoration as a "Grecian Urn".
  6. As to what the service rep in Europe knows about these older guitars I notice that although he supposedly works for Gibson he refers to Gruhn's Guide to get the specs. Not to say that Gruhn doesn't know what he's talking about, but he shouldn't know more than the manufacturer itself.
  7. That is a beauty of a storage case. Were you able to buy that somewhere? Or was it custom made?
  8. The piece you are referring to is known as the "Stop Bar". The bridge has always been slanted a little on Les Pauls with the treble strings a little closer to the pickup. But the Stop Bar is usually straight across and looking at the pictures of the 50s LP Standard on this sight the stop bars seem to be straight. So yours is a little weird, but I don't think it would effect the playability or the tone so probably no problem. The string only vibrates between the nut and the bridge so how far back the stop bar is from there shouldn't matter too much. If you have tuning or intonation problems you should probably take it back to the dealer you bought it from and discuss it, but I don't think it should matter in terms of the guitars performance. Also measure the distance between the posts that the stop bar is attached to and the pick up and see if they are the same distance. It could be (although this would be really weird) that if you loosen the strings and reposition the stop bar it will be straight. But if the posts are not the same distance from the pick up the bar will always be crooked. If you could post a picture of the guitar body (use a hosting site like Imgr) so we could see it, that might help.
  9. Ann you need to put your pictures on a host sight like IMGR (it's free to sign up) and then transfer them over to here. On topic, I have never hung any of my guitars, acoustic or electric, on wall hangers, and I never leave them sitting out on stands either. I always store them in the cases when not playing them. For any type this keeps them cleaner (less dust in those nooks and crannies) and especially for acoustics the humidity is more constant inside a case. Back in the day when I gigged a lot with a band, depending on the stage set up, I often would put my guitar back in the case during a break between sets. If it was a big stage that audience members couldn't get to I'd leave it on a stand, but it only took one time for someone in a small bar to knock my Les Paul off it's stand and bend a tuning peg for me to become more careful. This is probably paranoia on my part, and I know guitars are hung in stores for months at a time, but I never liked the idea of stressing the joint between neck and headstock by hanging a guitar, especially a 10 to 12 pound Les Paul. A stand OK, it's being supported from the bottom. Then there is the fear the hanger could work loose and the guitar come crashing down off the wall. I guess I am just satisfied to hear my guitars when I play them, and not concerned about looking at them when I'm not.
  10. The last guitar Sweetwater sent to me was shipped out on a Friday. Tracking said it would be delivered two days later on a Sunday. I wasn't sure they made Sunday deliveries, but upon checking their website it said they delivered 7 days a week, so I was hopeful. Tracking showed it would be delivered "by end of day" on Sunday. I didn't know what time "end of day" was and upon checking their sight again it said 8:00 PM. Delivery required a signature so I stayed home all day but it never arrived. Monday was a holiday so I figured it would be delivered on Tuesday. It eventually made it on Friday, so 2 day delivery took a full 7 days. It arrived in one piece and the driver did get my signature. I politely asked him why it took that long and he said "well, there is a worldwide pandemic and the govt. is paying people to stay home so we're short handed" or something to that effect. I understand those things, and I don't mind a 7 day delivery, I just wish their tracking was accurate so you had a better idea of when the package would arrive. In the interim I had contacted FedEx customer service and traced the shipment. Turns out it was the terminal closest to Sweetwater up in Indiana that was backed up. The guitar arrived there on Friday evening and sat there for 5 days before actually being shipped to me which only took two days once it got moving. Again the delay was not a big deal for me, but the inaccurate tracking caused undue stress thinking it was lost or damaged. But in fairness to Fed Ex I have been using them since about 1978 and this is the first package that wasn't delivered as scheduled so I suppose it can be chalked up to the pandemic circumstances.
  11. Nice looking Fender - good to see you getting something fresh and new instead of another pawn shop fixer-upper 🙂 So we need a few more details. Is that a Pau Ferro fingerboard? and what type of pickups are they? Have fun with that one!! I look at that guitar and hear Ventures tunes.
  12. Good playing as always. Often the best comes without a lot of preparation and instead just playing what you feel in the moment. A little curious about the curfew. Does the virus get stronger after 9:00 PM and thus more easily transferred from one to another? Doesn't seem logical. Wear a mask, stay distanced from one another, wash hands often etc. etc. but what difference does it make what time it is?
  13. I never noticed that before either. Seems to be an infinite number of things that can be used to identify different years and models of Gibsons. So many little changes I wonder if they even have accurate records of them all?
  14. Not sure what Gibson was putting into a LP Custom in 2004. And unless you closely inspect the wiring you can't be sure that a previous owner didn't change them from the originals anyway. Main thing is they sound good to you! You could take them out and photo the backs and send the photos to Gibson, they may be able to tell you what they are. Or if they are replacements hopefully there is something on the back to identify them.
  15. I'd suggest sending Bozeman some photos of the missing side dots. Rather than shipping the guitar back they could just send you the side markers and you install them yourself. How hard could it be to put a drop glue in the hole and press the marker in? Although that might screw up your warranty. I suppose logic rarely prevails in these situations.
  16. Twang Gang


    Even a maple neck - another unique feature. Sounds good in that clip that Mihcmac put up. Have fun!
  17. Gibson does not usually disclose that information. Sometimes if a retailer has a limited run made they will advertise how many will be available, but very hard to find out something about a 1984 model. Cool looking guitar, but it doesn't go well with that very traditional looking furniture 🙂
  18. Twang Gang


    That is cool - enjoy it! Never ceases to amaze me how many different models Gibson has produced like this one, that just sort of come and go. I don't remember this one at all. So it's hollow? About how much does it weigh - just curious? And while it looks a lot like a Les Paul does it have more of a 335/339 tone? Or maybe an ES Les Paul tone? Is there a center block? Unique to say the least.
  19. Several reason to never buy an "aged" beat up guitar from the factory.
  20. Great story Ann. I have owned a guitar with some crazing on it, but never saw one actually happen before my very eyes! I have one correction though - that store on Milwaukee in Niles was "Karnes Music", not Kramers. I know because I bought my first electric guitar there in 1965 (a Gibson 125 thinline cutaway) see my Avatar. My family went there fairly often as my Mom and sister both played piano and they had a large sheet music selection there. I never learned to read music for guitar, but did pick up a few song books there with the chords shown above the notes. I grew up in Northbrook - where did you grow up?
  21. I have only owned one Martin. It was a 12 string that I bought new around 1970 or so. It sounded great and I enjoyed playing it, but it was built before Martin put truss rods in the necks. So with all that tension from a 12 string eventually that neck bowed up and I wasn't guitar savvy enough at the time to know you could have the neck reset so I traded it off. The experience sort of soured me on Martin as I had never owned another guitar that did that. I have owned probably 10 Gibson electric guitars and 3 Gibson acoustics (currently have 2), 4 different Taylor acoustics (currently none). Now that I am old I favor short scale acoustics so I will probably stick with Gibson for that reason. I have a Collings that sounds fantastic, but being long scale I don't play it very often and should probably move it along.
  22. For versatility and a light weight guitar that you can use for many different styles I would recommend a slim line semi hollow body like a 339, 335, or an Epiphone Sheraton, Casino etc.
  23. Good to see Gibson offering some acoustics at a lower price point which will allow more people to try them. Sound port guitars are complicated though and I'm pretty sure what you as a player will hear coming from these guitars is not what your audience will hear. First, a sound port is really only effective when the instrument is played unplugged. Plugged in everyone will hear what the pickup produces and the sound from an under saddle pickup is never the same as the actual acoustic sound of the guitar. With a regular guitar with just a center sound hole, all the air comes out from that sound hole. With a sound port added a portion of the air comes out the port, and the amount coming out of the center sound hole is reduced. With the design Gibson is using the player will get to hear what comes out of both holes because the sound port is pointed up at the player's left ear. But the audience isn't going to hear the same thing because what comes out the sound port is not being projected toward them, and what comes out the center hole has been reduced by the amount coming out the port. Taylor came out with a sound port guitar about two years ago and I bought one. Their design has the sound port in a cut away and the guitar sounds amazingly good if you are sitting out in front of it. But the player never gets to hear that sound because the port points sort of down and away from you. Because I couldn't hear what the combination of center sound hole and port were doing I tended to over play it. So it's a trade off - with Gibson's design the player gets to hear it, but the audience doesn't. You'll think your guitar sounds great, but the audience won't hear the same thing. With the Taylor design it sounds wonderful to the audience but the player doesn't hear the same thing. So I'd say you have to try these in person and make sure you have someone else play it while you sit out front and listen. Then you have to decide if you are buying and playing the guitar just for your own enjoyment of the sound or if you want an audience to have the best experience.
  24. Though not real hopefully it plays and sounds OK? Sorry to hear you got scammed.
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