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  1. Good morning! Hey Johnny Reb - yes I've put the Naptha away now . The neck was so darn smooth when I lifted it out of the wall hanger just now it nearly slipped thro my hand.....
  2. Good evening everyone ( and Glenn in particular). Well - cleaning it with lighter fuel and then polishing it with (guitar polish - the type that has petroleum distillates in it) really improved it by a huge amount ! ! ! So I did it yet again - wiped it down with lighter fuel using an old, cut up brushed cotton sheet - then polished it dry and then used the guitar polish.... It really has made a HUGE difference to it - and bear in mind I gave "got rid" of two Gibsons previously for the same problem. It really does feel - like someone said on here earlier "As slick as a fresh peeled onion" - remarkable. I'm very grateful for everyone's help. I'm sorry to hear that you have had no joy, Glenn - maybe try it yourself? It's not difficult, and it isn't like you are going to melt the nitro off it.... perhaps the polishing of it after cleaning it with lighter fluid will finish the job? You certainly shouldn't have to wait a couple of years - that would be ridiculous...
  3. Well - I'm keeping the Gibson & have returned the Patrick Eggle! So I've brought it home & have cleaned the back of the neck with Ronson lighter fuel on a clean cotton cloth, then let it dry, polished it to make sure it's clean with a dry cloth, then I've used guitar polish on the back of the neck - and the rest of the guitar whilst I was at it, then polished again with a clean dry cloth. Have hung it up on the "String Swing" wall hanger to let it all settle overnight - I'll see how it is in the morning. Fingers crossed! Stompbox :mellow:
  4. Well thanks to all for their replies - I must confess that at the moment my mate Jerry is trying the Les Paul out & I have his Patrick Eggle to try. Depending what we decide I may have the guitar back off him next week - if so I'll wipe the neck down with lighter fuel (naptha) & will let it stand for a few days before giving it a polish and I'll post on here with the results... Cheers everyone, Geoff PS I didn't reply to Martinh - It's not brilliant for live music - here in the North West of the UK anyway - there are now so many "Live" acts who are really just Karaoke singers - they bring a P.A. system and a backing CD or MP3 player & just sing along - also there are a lot of "Guitarists" who are the same thing except they strum a little - but then the ludicrous bit is that the backing track plays the tricky lead guitar breaks.!!!!!!! I hate that - especially when I've taken years to learn to play & practice the songs, do the arrangements, rehearse with others etc. - also depressing is the fact that the audience think that this is what live music is all about.!.!.!.? BAH - I'm definitely turning into a grumpy old man.....
  5. Hi Martinh, Yes, I've heard of this - someone in the UK suggested very very fine wire wool to take the gloss off the back of the neck. Plus I was talking to a guy who has a little guitar shop in Blackpool - he showed me someone's solution to this - they had completely removed the finish from the back of the neck very neatly, and played it like that - a bit extreme! But at least it shows I'm not on my own. Geoff
  6. Well thanks for the various replies folks, Could I ask JohnnyReb and ChanMan which polish did you use - one - like Ernie Ball polish - that has petroleum distillates in it, or one of the Antistatic Wax Free silicon polishes? I'm sorry to go on about it, but it has been a real nuisance to me. Thanks, Geoff
  7. Good afternoon from a rainy & windy UK. I could really use some help here. I've bought a really nice 2001 Les Paul Special in "natural" finish - picture below. My problem is that when I play it, my hand "sticks" to the back of the neck - it is a real drag (literally) for me when I'm playing. I have to wipe the back of the neck down after each song. It's not just this guitar, but Gibsons generally - I had a Les Paul Studio in black about 15 years ago & had the same problem, then I got an SG standard a couple of years ago - same thing - I thought it may have been that as both the Studio & the SG were new/almost new guitars, the nitro finish was still not fully "set". I did have to move them both on - I had thought that maybe this one - with it being 11 years old - would have got a "Harder" finish perhaps, but no joy. I don't sweat particularly, and it's not just on a hot, sweaty stage that it happens - if i'm practicing or playing in my rather cold garage it's just the same. Does anyone else get this - how do you deal with it? Any suggestions (otherwise I'm considering a swap for a Patrick Eggle guitar!!!!)-I'm really fed up, so I would appreciate any help. Cheers, Geoff :unsure:
  8. Good morning men!! It went for £375.02 . Was it genuine then? Well the guy who placed the winning bid must have thought so - good luck to him - seems far too high a price for a battered piece like that. Just off to pray for a lower priced bargain at the altar of the great Codfather.....
  9. It's very good of you to show me these links, and I have read them and understand what the pages say, but the problem remains - Should it have "Made in USA" stamped on the headstock under the serial numbers for , what is supposed to be a 1991 SG Special? Is it "real"? Any thoughts please..... P.S. Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish & you will feed him for life. Give a man religion, and he will spend a lifetime praying to a fish.....
  10. Yes - right - here are some pics - I've found that it's been put on Ebay - I was originally told about it by a mate. Here are three pics of the headstock, and now the link to it on Ebay. http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii196/geoffwalker888/SGSpecialfront.jpg http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii196/geoffwalker888/SGSpecialback.jpg http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii196/geoffwalker888/SGSerial.jpg Would need a lot of work if it IS genuine, but might be worth it...
  11. Hey there -I've been told of an SG special, serial number 92491356 for sale - it's been bashed about a bit though - literally. Two machine heads broken and the body split through fom the lower waist to the controls. It's also been sprayed BRIGHT red..... The serial dates it as 1991, but it DOESN'T say "Made in USA" under the serial number. When was it that Made in USA started to be stamped on - please can anyone help? I'd like to get it and give it a good home but - only if it's the real thing....
  12. Me again - got more pics off him - you can see that it HAS had the scratchplate replaced by the wrong type. Anyway, hopefully a friend of mine who happens to live near the vendor, will fix to go & play on it. MORE PICS:- http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii196/geoffwalker888/Gibson_Les_Paul_Special_002.jpg http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii196/geoffwalker888/Gibson_Les_Paul_Special_006.jpg http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii196/geoffwalker888/Gibson_Les_Paul_Special_001.jpg http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii196/geoffwalker888/Gibson_Les_Paul_Special_004.jpg Stompbox
  13. Well thanks to you for your comments guys - the pick guard was what makes it all look a bit "skew". I'll check with the present owner & see if theguard was replaced by him - a new one wouldn't be a problem. It does confuse me though, the way that Gibson vary things so much -! Stompbox.
  14. OK Six String - I'm open to all comments - not just looking to hear good things. I thought the scratch plate was odd. Thanks again, Stompbox
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