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  1. I’m pretty sure Mass Street Music is not a Gibson dealer. Collings, Martin and Taylor for the most part.
  2. Old No. 1, going to miss him. This world was a better place with Guy Clark in it.
  3. The Batwing is too much pickguard on this particular model. I prefer the Teardrop FWIW.
  4. Message sent to your email address. Sorry, I've not logged in for a number of weeks.

  5. my email is larrygarrett@yahoo.com

  6. Damn, just saw your message...If you're interested in it, we can meet somewhere and you can see it. It's a 2014 and in superb condition. Not played much. No scars on it. Handled very gently, as all my guitars are. Naturally, the hard case is with it. I was going to ask 1100 for it on Craig's, but if you saw a good one for 975 then we can do that. Let me know what you think an...

  7. I live in Olathe. Just missed on on EBay last week that went for $975

  8. Where are you at in KC? Maybe we can work something out on the American Eagle. It is a sweet instrument. I'm just used to the big guitars.

  9. MP, speaking of addictions, let me know if you have interest in selling the LG-2. I'm here in the KC area. Thanks!
  10. Bob never had a great singing voice. More of a song stylist IMO. He's obviously made it work over the years.
  11. Try posting here for information: mandolincafe.com
  12. IIRC, this J-35 at the GC has a top crack.
  13. On this particular model, I would prefer the smaller teardrop pg. YMMV.
  14. I'd want a PG on a LG2-AE. Looks naked without one. Adding a teardrop PG will not affect tone/volume in a perceptible way.
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