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  1. Mine is M.I.I. I bought it used it from an auction online. It now plays great and I love the sound both plugged and unplugged. The only issue I had was that the bridge had lifted before I bought it, then was temporarily repaired. A couple of months after I bought the guitar, the bridge lifted again. I took it to my favorite local guitar store & had it repaired by a luthier for $47. According guitar store owner, the bridge had been glued to the lacquer. Since properly repaired I play it frequently & the bridge has held. I definitely would buy another.
  2. I just bought a new Epi Hummingbird today for $350 at Best Buy as a starter guitar for my wife. The Gibson bird was hanging just above it but with a price tag of $2950 or so. Didn't try the Gibson since that is more than I paid for the rest of my guitars put together.
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    Hi Kuvash, Mine's not 4 sale after searching for a few months and being outbid umpteen times in auctions, I found an Epiphone Biscuit (wood body) in a guitar store. To quote my guitar store guy, "It ain't a National" but it's just my speed. I have an old Kay that I use for a bit of occasional slide playing but prefer the Epi. Low action makes it easy to play.
  4. Hi Automatic Buffalo, I apologize if you already know this but am not clear on the question. I tune the strings on my 12-string this way. The first (E) and second ( "pair" of strings (compared to a six string) are tuned the same. The third thru sixth "pairs" are tuned to the same notes (G, D, A, E respectively). However, one set of strings is a lighter gauge, the lighter gauge strings are tuned an octave higher to get that sweet sounding harmony. My 12 has a very thick neck, I did try to tune it down 1-1/2 stead (ala Leadbelly) but prefer standard E tuning.
  5. I just discovered that the EJ 160CE fits snugly inside the Taylor hardshell case that I got with with my other CE. It's like an early christmas!
  6. I'm using a dread sized gig bag for mine. But the MF or Gator case is tempting. After Xmas.
  7. Lookin for one myself. To me the Baby Taylor has the lowest action. My wife liked it. I also tried the Baby Martin and Yamaha Junior (not sure of model) on Black Friday. Both also are parlor size. The Martin also is pretty good. The Yamaha Jr. seems pretty decent for half the price. All are tempting me for after Xmas.
  8. Hi ABS7, I was where you are last year at this time. I still am practicing and learning but am getting better. For me the type of strings was most important to be "easy on the fingers" in the beginning. The cheap strings are usually harder on my fingers. Thinner "light" strings like light bronze or polymer coated strings are a little easier for me to use. The downside is lighter strings break more easily and are harder to keep in tune. I have some heavy ones as well. I built up callouses in a few months now string type is less of a factor. I have learned to look for the "action" which is the
  9. JohnMcClane5000, Didn't mean to hijack the thread. Basically it's the samed as an "unmodded" sunburst but black instead. I have a guitar mag from 10 years ago that had an ad for the soon to be released guitar, I'll see if I can find it and get some pics up this weekend. Wiggy, The model number is actually EJ-160E/VC serial #31146xxxx. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. lpfan, Cool! I have an CE (also purchased on Ebay used and untested almost a year ago) in my avatar picture and really like it. I got mine for $225 (no case) then. The only issues with this guitar were the action was a bit high and a few weeks after I got it the bridge lifted from the finish. The bridge was glued to the finish instead of the top, it appeared that one attempt was made reglue it. I took it to the local guitar store where the finish and the bottom of the bridge was sanded, it made the action much better and the repair has held so far. The sound is great. The pickup is passive so
  11. Dean, Hi. My first two guitars needed new strings right away so I got the baptism of fire for string changing. I have followed the suggestion to change one string at a time and one set of strings on one guitar per month. Two of my guitars, needed repair (one bridge repair to the John Lennon sig and one neck repair on the Kay) beyond my comfort zone/knowledge and I was referred to a luthier/musician who owns a local guitar store. After the first few times of changing strings I got comfortable with the process. The Kay came without any strings and I tried to keep the tension relatively even whe
  12. Eric, Welcome, I am fairly new myself, been playing for one year. To me how easy a guitar is for me to play, how it feels in my hands (and how it sounds to me are probably the most important considerations. How easy to play includes how well it stays in tune, how far up the neck I can easily fret notes or play barre chords (action), and can I play it comfortably both sitting and standing. How it feels in my hands includes how easily I can get my fingers around the neck to fret low and high string notes for chords at the same time, the width of the neck and and the distance between frets. How
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